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Stephen is the son of a nuclear physicist and a learning-disabilities teacher. He grew up in East Tennessee hill country in a town called Oak Ridge, whose original purpose was to develop technology for the first atomic bomb.

He went to school with children from families of scientists or of coal-miners. He spent some years traveling the United States as a performing musician; he has also worked as a composer, an actor, a writer, a massage therapist, and a teacher of kinesiology, pathology, photography, and dance. 

An enthusiasm for art and its history led to street photography, then to Photoshop and digital painting.

 -       Artistic approach:

 Stephen’s ‘digital paintings’ use captured and appropriated images that are processed (re-formed, re-lit, re-surfaced) using automated applications and other digital means; altered and augmented with virtual brushes; then blended with other digital images that have undergone similar treatments. The images that result may be processed further. 

These are then printed on a variety of substrates, including wood, canvas, and aluminum; once printed, marks using brushes or pens with acrylics or inks may be added. 

Some images are accompanied by stories, written by the artist; and even for those works that have only a title, the title is an integral part of the work. His images, and especially their titles or stories, are meant to create dialogues with history, literature, anthropology, myth, and other cultural phenomena.

Instagram username: Verbonnet