CAROLE ST-GERMAIN    - France / Canada


Champagne with friends tecnica mista cm 80 x 80
Pop culture tecnica mista cm 80 x 80
Oh my god tecnica mista cm 116 x 73
MonaLisa tecnica mista cm 80 x 80
Rouge Coco tecnica mista cm 80 x 80
Missing peace tecnica mista cm 100 x 100

About her Art

Her Biography

Carole was introduced to painting at an early age. After some years, a family and professional break is needed for several years, but the need to paint comes back, stronger, more devouring than ever. She takes the path of the courses and refines her technique in various workshops.

First figurative, Carole paints many landscapes and scenes of life. Already, the color is vibrant, the reds flamboyant and the movements precise. Her painting remains naive, but meets a success. This is not enough for Carole, who slowly switches to the abstract. She tests acrylic, oil and lays an epoxy layer on all her paintings. She throws in her gay temper and boundless passion for color and gesture. Today, Carole integrates collage: magazine pages, comic characters; this envelope allows her to pay homage to the Parisienne or Paris, which has become her second city of heart. In addition to the inseparable light that emerges from her more and more precise gesture, Carole unconsciously included the third dimension. A pure happiness to discover this depth and this game of overlays between each plan worked while movements stay lively and colorful.

Quickly noticed, Carole made the cover of a great French magazine (ArtDesign) after a publication in the Art section of Wall Street Journal Magazine. It thus holds the attention of Gemlucart of Monaco, international contest. Then follows the selections for Florence, Brussels, Cannes and Paris as part of an official Canadian representation. In 2017, she won the tin medal of the Arts Sciences Lettres Academy in Paris. Today, Carole pursues her research by mixing all the techniques and colors.

More exhibitions are coming in 2021.


Born in Quebec, Canada, Carole St-Germain lives with art since her youngest days. She first experienced painting at Madame Séguin Poirier’s workshop and immediately discovered a passion. From that moment forward, the artist tried everything; colors and textures become the source of her inspiration. She is now known in multiple countries and member of the Mondial Art Academia organization and has recently received an award from Acedemia Italia Arte del mondo.


The artist studies extensively multiple media such as oil, acrylic and pastel. She first started with painting colorful landscapes before moving on to musicians. Inspired by her surroundings, she followed with a feeling of purity where she painted birch trees. Her feminist took her when she painted fleshy lips that seemed to convey a “Hey! I’m here!” message. That’s when she experienced with longer paint brush strokes and various colors that helped her abstract universe come to life. She now alternates between abstract and semi-figurative styles. Those launched her career in New York as part of an exposition at the Agora Gallery that was featured on the Wall Street Journal Magazine. This brought her around the world : Canada, U.S.A. And France, where she now lives. The artist made a name of herself in the most prestigious expositions, such as the GemlucART, in Monaco, or the Carroussel du Louvre as a member of the Canadian delegation.

To honor the city she now lives in, Paris, she now integrates multiples techniques. Besides the light that arises from her strokes that are getting more precise, Carole unconsciously integrated the third dimension in her art. Joy is brought by Hyde multiples planes of her artwork, each made by movement, sharp and colorful.

Her career’s great step forward came in 2017 when she was awarded with the tin medal of the Académie Arts Sciences Lettres. It pushed her to further her work with techniques and color and to show her art in as many cities as possible. Already coming up in 2019 are Florence, Paris, Montreal, Quebec City, New Orleans, San Francisco and Carmel.


In exhibitions shows

• Honfleur, 2020

• Quebec Provincial Parliament, 2020

• ArtYa Awards, 2019

• Salon Société Nationale des Beaux-arts, 2016-2017

• Carrousel du Louvre, 2016, 2017
• Côte d’Azur, Salon Artistes du Monde, septembre 2016-2017-2018
• Gare Maritime, 2016-2017-2018
• Cannes, Hôtel Montaigne, 2018


In galeries

• Museum of Contemporary Arts Tokyo, 2019

• Galerie Demaretz, Giverny, 2017

• Galerie Têt de l’Art, Forbach Rivier’Art, 2017
• Galerie Mentana, Florence, 2015
• Meltin’art Spot, 2014
• Belgium, Espace Saint Bernardin, 2015
• Le Cannet. Rivier’Art, 2016
• Brussels, Espaces Art Gallery, 2015
• Paris, St-Germain des Près, Galerie Monteoliveto, 2015- 2016
• Naples, Galerie Amsterdam, 2016
• Vancouver, Oceanside Gallery, 2014-2015-2016
• New York, Agora Gallery, 2014
• Paris, Galerie Etienne de Causans, 2016
• Galerie Coloridart, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016
• Paris, Galerie Métanoia 2016
• Basilic di San Lorenzo, 2017
• Monaco Exposition Gemlucart 2015-2016-2017


• Galerie d’art Urbania, Vieux-Québec, Canada
• French Art Network, New Orleans, San Francisco and Carmel
• Galerie Pauline Paquin, St-Sauveur
• Galerie Legend, Juan-les-Pins
• Galerie de la Place, Biot
• Rouge Gallery, Saskatoon

• Hotel Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant
• La boutique d’Adeline, Paris


• Accademia Italia Arte Nel Mondo

• Beaux-Arts Sciences et lettres, Paris


• Réseau Arts et Lettres, Brussels

• Gemluc’Art family, Monaco

• Canadian delegation


        •       2008-2010 – Atelier Anne Drouin, oil painting

        •       2006-2008 – Atelier Denise Lefebvre, acrylic and pastel painting

        •       1971-1974 – Atelier de Madame Seguin Poirier, initiation to painting


• Art Tour International New York

• LeZarts Québec (TV Documentary), 2020

• Art Tour Internationnal for a Green Planet, 2019

• Art et Design, 2017

• Nice Matin, 2016

• Art & Design le mag. Carole St-Germain : de l’énergie en couleur.

• Art Majeur, Vol. 5, 2015

• Art & Design le mag. Art Majeur, 2015

• ArtisSpectrum, Memorable receptions from around the World, Agora Gallery. Vol. 32., 2014
• Wall Street Journal Magazine. Beyond borders: an exhibition of Fine Arts From Canada, 2014