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Burlington panorama Oil on canvas 24x30 inch
Lake Champlain Sunsets Oil on canvas, 24x30 inch
Dramatic colors of Champlain lake Oil on canvas, 24x30 inch
Newport Reflections Oil on canvas, 22x28 inch
Boston morning Oil on canvas, 24x30 inch
Church street lights Oil on canvas, 22x28 inch


Self presentation

Welcome, dear friends, and thank you for your curiosity and attempt to capture my art. For me Art is Life and Life is Art. Both processes are pretty complicated, but also adventurous, creative, challenging, and infinite. As we look for our paths in life so do I also look for approaches and techniques in the art process. Every time I draw or paint, I try to improvise… with new mediums and styles. Art, for me, turns into a meditation process. It is something sacred, magical, and ephemeral. The state of creation, or the process of creation, is life in different dimension. Artwork turns into separate substance that has energy, light and lives its own life. The goal for me is not to create painting with the right succession of strokes, proportions and perspective. All the Beauty is In Imperfection. Drawing or painting becomes a separate substance that has energy and light, and lives its own life.

Art has no borders and it needs to be free. You should put passion, energy and love into what you do to create something of artistic value, emotional and spiritual, something that would disturb people's minds and touch the strings of their souls. My works are usually the result of generated experience, passion, feelings, concerns, and questions. Emotions: love, friendship, happiness, grief, disappointment, failure, and success make the works impressionistic, lively, and dynamic. I don't create on someone's order or make the copies. You cannot step into the same river twice and you can never feel or think the way you did a moment ago. To copy for me means to lie or fake it. Every new work should be original, complete and genuine. You cannot have a formula for inspiration or love. Either it is there or it is not.


Shows in USA at “Speaking Volumes”, Burlington, VT, 2011; “Daily Planet”, Burlington, VT, 2012; “New Moon Cafe”, Burlington, VT, 2016; Milton Municipal Complex, Milton, VT, 2017; US Attorney offices, Burlington, VT, 2017, BioTek, Winooski, VT, 2017, Shelburne Tap House, Sorriso restaurant, VT, Mathew Little Attorney office, South Hero, VT, Burlington Airport, VT, UVM Medical Center, Burlington, VT, Mayor’s Office at Burlington City Hall, VT, Maltex Building, VT, Artworks Frame shop and Gallery, Burlington, VT, 2019-2021, Art Markets in Burlington, 2018-2020, other shows through Burlington City of Arts in Burlington area 2018-2021.