BEN  WIJNEN - Holland


Untitled rose marble - mixed techniques - H 73 x 30 x 15cm- 2017 r
Rinascita rebirth Carrara marble with mixed techniques - Pietrasanta-2017
Woman in Love Woman in Love Mixed techniques - H 20 x 23 x 12 cm 2020
Anima - soul clay with pencil H 20 x13 x 18cm 2020
Untitled Marmo statuario with pencil H 65 x 20 x18 cm - 2017
detail of commissionwork in onyx - 2021

About his Art

His Biography

Dutch sculptor, lives and works in Camaiore - Tuscany – ITALY. From childhood, living in Brabant and its nature / the Netherlands and surrounded by masters such as Rubens, Vermeer, Van Gogh and Rembrandt, WIJNEN drew. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg, the NETHERLANDS in 1988. There he was taught by such eminent teachers as Henkus for nudes and Jongmans for landscapes. He also studied the Japanese blockprints art of Ukiyo-e, which introduced him to the work of the great master Utamaro. During his time at the academy, he was identified as having the eye of a sculptor, even though it was to be some years before he turned to that medium. In fact it was not until 1999, after more than a decade of teaching drawing to young adults, that he went to Provence and enrolled in a sculpture workshop. Upon the advice of his teachers, he went to Pietrasanta in northern Tuscany, an artists’ haven due, in part, to its proximity to the famous Carrara marble quarries. Here he came into contact with works of Michelangelo, Bernini and Canova. For a number of years WIJNEN lived between Paris, the Netherlands and Pietrasanta. During his stay in Paris, the works of Brancusi, Moore and Rodin inspired him most. Besides sculpting, he also conducted regular workshops for adults in the Netherlands, France and Spain. For several years WIJNEN was a resident artist at professional Studio Sem in Pietrasanta. It was there, that he started to learn the craft and explore the medium of marble-carving. In 2011 he opened his studio in Camaiore (Tuscany), where he creates his pieces in marble and bronze. And where he produce his drawings. The human torso is always his starting point, resulting in sculptures with an essence and simplicity in lines. Since 2006 his works can be found in different countries in and outside Europe.


 Vernice Art Fair Forli , in collaboration with Gallery Mega Art, Corchiano (Vt), 17 – 19 September 2021, Forli. 

2019 – Florence Biennale, 18–27 October 2019, Fortezza da Basso, Florence. 

2018 - Marblesculpture “ Rinascita/Rebirth “ in piazza Diaz, Camaiore. From 01/06/2018 uptill 31/08/2018 ; In collaboration with the Comune of Camaiore – Italy. 

2018 - “ Summerexhibition Studio/Gallery Ben Wijnen, Camaiore – Italy. Personal exhibition (Drawings, Paintings,Sculptures in Marble and Bronze) 

2017 – Museo dei Bozzetti at Pietrasanta (Italy), accepts one of his plastermodells for their standard collection. 

2017 – Marblesculpture “ Rinascita/Rebirth “in piazza Crispi, Pietrasanta. In collaboration with the Comune of Pietrasanta – Italy.

 2016- “Les scrittures du Vent” /Spazio Contemporaneo, Pietrasanta-Italy. Personal exhibition (Drawings & Sculptures) 

2016- “ Summerexhibition”/Spazio Contemporaneo, Camaiore - Italy. Personal exhibition (Marble, Bronze & Drawings) 

2015 – Open Garden Days 2015 Amsterdam - The Netherlands. Personal exhibition (Marble)

 2014 – ECR Sibelius / Oss - The Netherlands. Personal exhibition (Marble) 

2013 – “Arte si sente “/ Spazio Contemporaneo, Pietrasanta - Italy. Personal exhibition (Marble, Bronze & Drawings) 

2012 – Gallery Tournemine / Paris – La France. Collective exhibition ( Marble ) 

2012 – Gallery Sous Terre / Lithoyen - The Netherlands. Collective exhibition ( Marble ) 

2011– “Percorsi nella scultura 2011” /Villa Gori Massarossa/ Stiava – Italy. Collective exhibition ( Bronze) 

2011 – Gallery DC Ahrens / Wijk bij Duurstede - The Netherlands. Collective exhibition (Marble) 

2011 – Gallery F Ponzetta / Pietrasanta - / Italy. Collective exhibition (Bronze & Drawings)

2011 – Gallery G Bovecchi / Pietrasanta - / Italy. Collective exhibition (Marble & Drawings) 

2010 – Gallery DC Ahrens / Wijk bij Duurstede - The Netherlands. Collective exhibition (Marble) 

2010 – “Levenszicht” / Spazio Contemporaneo, Pietrasanta - Italy. Collective exhibition (Marble) 

2009 – Gallery Sous Terre / Aalsmeer - The Netherlands. Collective exhibition (Marble) 

2009 – Art meets Business / Goirle - The Netherlands. Collective exhibition (Marble)

 2008 – Gallery Fumi / London - United Kingdom. Collective exhibition ( Marble) 

2008 – Gallery La Durance / La Roque d’Antheron - La France. Collective exhibition (Marble & Bronze) 

2007 – Gallery Mignon / Wijk bij Duurstede -The Netherlands. Collective exhibition (Marble & Bronze) 

2007 - Espace Ephémère “les5sens’’ / Paris - La France. Personal exhibition (Marble & Bronze) 

2007 - Théatre des Mathurins / Paris – La France. Personal exhibition (Marble) 

2006 - Centraal Beheer / Apeldoorn- The Netherlands. Collective exhibition (Drawings