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Calling tempera on canvas 67 x 67 cm.
Follow the light tempera on canvas 66 x 66 cm
Going on tempera on canvas 33 x 33 cm
In the forest tempera on paper 33 x 33 cm
The path tempera on canvas 58 x 58 cm
Message tempera/crayon on canvas 33 x 33 cm

Sulla sua Arte 
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I was born in Sweden and live in the northern part of the country. I have always painted and drawn since I was a child. In my artistic work, I have been creating since the beginning of the 90s.
What inspires me most in my art are both the inner and outer spiritual experiences in life, in nature and in the landscape. I love the colors that are full of energy and happiness, and which in themselves are always an inspiration. I mostly use eggtempera in my paintings and sometimes mixed with oil crayons.

CV exhibitions
2023 – ”Art Paths” – Gregorio VII Gallery/Mega Art gallery, Rom, Italy.
2020-2021 ”Spirituality in colours
Virtual solo exhitions in
2021 ”Between heaven & Sea” – Graphic& Photography – Virtual solo exhitions in
2021 ”Late summer exhibition” – ”Remember my summer” – Paintings in tempera on paper – Abstract watercolors. Virtual solo exhitions in
2012 – Gallery Galaxen, solo, Sandviken, Sweden.
2012 – Gallery Granen, solo, Sundsvall, Sweden.
2008 – Gallery 8, Sundsvall, solo, Sweden.
2008 – Naturum gallery, solo, Borgsjö, Sweden.
2008 – SCA/headoffice gallery, solo, Sundsvall, Sweden.
05/06/07 – Artshows Collective. Sweden.
2005 – Art Gallery, collective, Stockholm, Sweden.
2002 – Gallery Strandpromenaden, collective, Njurunda, Sweden.
2002 – Gallery Ljungan, collective, Sundsvall, Sweden.
2002 – Kvissleby Libary, solo, Njurunda, Sweden.
2001 – Swedish Railway Gallery, collective, Gävle, Sweden.
2000 – Kulturmagasinet, Sundsvalls museum, collective, Sweden.
2000 – Gallery Ljungan, solo, Sundsvall, Sweden.
2000 – Gallery Blå Katten, solo, Sundsvall, Sweden.
1998 – Collective exhibitions for Human Rights, Sundsvall, Sweden.
1998 – Art Fair -98. Sundsvall, Sweden.

I am born 1961 in Sundsvall, Sweden.

My education:
1996-1998 Art school KOMS, Sundsvall.
Religious studies in 180 hp. Gävle University. Gävle.
Art classes 45 credit, Mittuniversity Sundsvall/Härnösand.