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Isabelle was born in Germany and moved to Australia as a teenager. She undertook film photography as a subject in high school.The passion didn't spark until 4 years later. Contact Sheet Gallery in Sydney has since been another step up into the photography industry. She exhibited, while being mentored by Paul Mc Donald as well as other Photographers for 3 years.
As the years keep on passing, she has come to realise that photography is her fervour of life.

Isabelle, currently living in London produces her work on a spontaneous basis. She generally does not stage her prototypical captures. She allows her intuition to lead her to create works out of things or surroundings of everyday life.
As she perceives that everything is something, Isabelle invites her audience to be still and observe the world with awe, especially the mundane.

"In a loud & fast moving world where time continuously is speeding up, Photography allows me a moment of Still - anytime, anywhere."
-Isabelle Baumann


In the midst of the chaos, with children's joyful screams and laughter echoing through the sun-drenched garden, there was a moment of stillness. As I stood there, my gaze fixed on the pool, I witnessed a single leaf gracefully falling, breaking the surface and creating tranquil ripples that danced with the contrasting rays of the sun. It was a serene scene that I cherished, a favorite feature within my world.

Being a Nanny, amidst the high-energy moments with the children, allows me the privilege to observe, mentally immerse myself, and capture these poetic instances. It becomes a refuge for my mind, rescuing it from being overwhelmed by negative emotions and ensuring a sense of balance in my mental well-being.

I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to experience these serene interludes, as they provide solace and bring harmony to my being, even in the midst of bustling activity.


“Space out”

In the realm where thoughts roam untamed, a waltz with time and space, exists the enigmatic dance of "spacing out." Like gentle whispers of an ephemeral breeze, the overactive mind drifts away, seeking solace in the cosmic vastness. Conversations intertwine, but in that moment, eyes gazing into the void, thoughts diverge and embrace the stars' allure. Disconnected, yet intimately connected to infinite realms, this elusive state births untamed creativity and introspective depths, revealing the beauty that blooms when one dances with the ethereal and embraces the art of spacing out. 


“See the grey”

In the wisdom bestowed by a caring therapist, I discovered a simple yet profound tip: See the grey areas. Amidst the stark contrasts of black and white, this gentle reminder urged me to embrace the nuances and complexities of life. In the shades of grey, where clarity merges with ambiguity, I found a path of empathy and understanding. The grey areas revealed the subtleties of human experience, reminding me that beneath the surface, stories intertwine, perspectives converge, and the beauty of connection emerges. 


"Delicately Rough: Balancing the Inner Landscape"

In this captivating photograph, titled "Delicately Rough," a profound metaphor unfolds. The contrasting elements intertwine—a thin line of tiny fairylights against the backdrop of a rough, textured sprayed ceiling wall. Amidst this juxtaposition lies a powerful message of mental health balance.

Just as life presents us with both delicate moments and rough patches, our inner landscape echoes the same duality. The delicate fairylights symbolize the gentle moments of self-care, resilience, and inner illumination. They remind us of the importance of nurturing our well-being, finding solace in the smallest flickers of joy.

Against the backdrop of a rough, textured wall, we encounter the challenges, hardships, and complexities that can shape our mental health journey. The roughness signifies the struggles we face, the obstacles that test our resolve. Yet, within this rugged terrain, lies an opportunity for growth, resilience, and transformation.

 "Delicately Rough: Balancing the Inner Landscape" serves as a poignant reminder to embrace the delicate and the rough, to navigate the intricacies of mental health with grace and strength. It urges us to find equilibrium between self-care and resilience, recognizing that our journey towards balance is both delicate and resilient, just like the interplay of fairylights against a rough background.


Home save: "Unveiled Journeys: The Echoes of a Night's Embrace" invites us to embark on a poetic exploration of the delicate equilibrium between adventure and sanctuary. Through the mesmerizing lens of a blurred long exposure, we witness the echoes of a night's embrace, capturing the essence of vibrant escapades and the solace found within the sanctity of home. As the discarded heels rest on the bathroom floor, symbolizing moments of liberation and connection, a darker panel from the doorframe emerges as a threshold, bridging the excitement of the outside world with the warmth of personal sanctuary. Illuminated by the soft, yellow lines of fairy lights, these echoes dance and flicker, revealing glimpses of transformative experiences and shared joy. "Unveiled Journeys" beckons us to celebrate the harmonious interplay of exploration and introspection, reminding us that within the blurred lines of our own unique narratives, lies the delicate balance between embracing life's adventures and finding solace in the comforting embrace of our personal sanctuaries.

"Flight of Shadows: The Ebb and Flow of Inner Currents"

In the captivating monochrome photograph titled "Flight of Shadows," a profound metaphor emerges, capturing the enigmatic dance of emotions amidst the daily mood swings experienced with ADD. As we gaze upon the image, a mesmerizing illusion unfolds.

An airplane glides through the sky, its reflection caught in a puddle below. Yet, the absence of the visible puddle creates a visual ambiguity, giving rise to the question, "Going up or down?" The flipped reflection blurs the boundaries of direction, mirroring the unpredictable nature of daily mood swings.

In this visual paradox, we find a reflection of our inner currents, the ebb and flow of emotions that accompany the ADD journey. Like the plane's uncertain trajectory, our moods soar and plummet, ascending to the heights of elation or descending into the depths of introspection. The black and white palette accentuates the contrasting shades of light and shadow, symbolizing the highs and lows experienced with ADD.

"Flight of Shadows: The Ebb and Flow of Inner Currents" invites us to embrace the fluidity of our emotional landscapes. It reminds us that, despite the constant shifts, there is beauty and resilience in navigating the daily mood swings. Just as the airplane gracefully maneuvers through the skies, we can learn to ride the waves of our emotions, finding balance amidst the unpredictability.

Within the monochromatic depths of this image lies an invitation to embrace the journey, to acknowledge the complexities of our inner currents, and to find solace in the understanding that despite the ever-changing direction, we have the strength to navigate the skies of our emotions and soar to new heights of self-discovery. 


"Beyond the Veil: Yearning for Escape"

In the evocative photograph titled "Beyond the Veil," a powerful sentiment of yearning and longing for escape unfolds. Through the frosted shower glass, a silhouette of a female figure, portrayed by yourself, emerges. The black and white hues, coupled with the blurred effect, enhance the sense of introspection and introspective vulnerability.

With arms raised and hands placed behind your head, a symbol of surrender and contemplation, the figure embodies a desire to be elsewhere, transcending the confines of the present moment. Within the shower's confines, a sanctuary associated with cleansing and rejuvenation, the longing for a different reality is palpable.