Clayton acquarello su carta 24x36 pollici
The storm acquarello su carta 36x24 pollici
Fenicottero acquarello su carta 12x9 pollici
Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville Graphite and watercolor on paper 12x9 inches
The Bride Oil on Canvas 24x36 inches
Beach Babes watercolor on paper 36x24 inches

La sua Biografia 
One of my earliest memories is using a paintbrush for the first time and doing a paint with water book at the kitchen table. I was four years old. I was enthralled. I sat there and did the whole book in one sitting. I had found my passion! I’ve been drawing and painting ever since.
I tried to be practical and obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Digital Design and worked for a time in a few different roles as a graphic artist. It was fine but not the real thing. I kept making art, real art. I’m now in my 40s and I am finally feeling like a “real artist”. I’m a mom, ARMY wife, and personal trainer too. I love gardening and landscaping, cooking and baking, lifting weights, reading, puzzles, photography, and just being outside. I also love to dance and sing with my friends! I have a lot of interests. Art is my only passion/sickness though. It compels me.

I prefer painting or drawing people as I want to show their souls and emotions if I am able. It is my goal. I frequently use my children in my work. My style is to “have a line without a line”, or to create strong contrast without actual lines. I gravitate toward cooler palettes for some reason. I also enjoy painting animals because I feel they too have an inner character worth showing. I hope you enjoy my work!