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Untitled 01 mix media on canvas cm 40 x 40
Untitled 03 mix media on canvas cm 60 x 60
Untitled 05 mix media on canvas cm 70 x 60
Untitled 02 mix media on canvas cm 40 x 40
Untitled 04 mix media on canvas cm 60 x 60
Untitled 06 mix media on canvas cm 100 x 80



- Exhibition “Musécole” French International School Louis Massignon Casablanca

- Exhibition at the Ben Msik Casablanca theater gallery


- Exhibition at the ARTE MUSE gallery

- several virtual exhibitions due to Covid-19


- Exhibition hotel Rotana marrakech                                                            

- Virtual exhibition with artists from PANAMA

- Virtual exhibition JORDAN


- exhibition at the Consulate General of Morocco in Brussels - Belgium

- London ART International Exhibition, UK


- Encounter exhibition at the Mohamed el fassi gallery Minister of Culture, Rabat

- Exhibition at the National Library Rabat - Morocco.


- Exhibition at MGallery hotel Diwan Rabat by sofitel Morocco.

- International Painting and Sculpture Symposium Saguenay, Quebec, Canada.

- 39th International Cultural Moussem of Assilah, Morocco.

- Exhibition "Mirrors of memory" Gallery of the Mohammed VI Foundation, Rabat.

- the four elements, Musécole, Casablanca.


- Horse Fair, El-Jadida. Morocco.

- Art London, London, United Kingdom.

- Bank Al-Maghreb Museum - Rabat.


- 2nd Arab Art Festival, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

- Exhibition (I have a dream) the United States Embassy, ​​Rabat Morocco.

- 8th edition of the El Jadida horse show.

- the night of the galleries - gallery the easel Casablanca.

- Exhibition (Matichakech) Galerie Rê Marrakech Morocco.


- International Symposium of Kartala Istanbul, Turkey.

- Operation Solidarity Artists, national library, Rabat.

- Exhibition body and body Culture Forum, Casablanca.


- The first Arab art festival, Amman, Jordan.

- 2nd National Contemporary Art Fair, Casablanca.

- Exhibition museum ben jalounea Marrakech.

- Regards 5/5 exhibition at the ibn Khaldoune center in Tangier.


Other occupations:

- Member of the association "Bassamat Des Beaux Art".

- Member of the association “MEGA ART” Roma, ITALY.

- Collaborating member of the association “Rythmes et Couleurs”, CAHORS, FRANCE.

- Member of the association "Action Des Artistes Handicapés" Casablanca.

- Collaborating member of the center (MADA) Center for Studies and Research MOROCCO.

- Member and artist of the “benacquistagalleries” gallery, California, USA.

- Founding member of “AJIAL Center for Development and Studies” Morocco.


Price :

2014: Best Arab Painter London UK

2014: Artmajeur Prize Silver category.

2008: 1st poetry prize - 3rd international meeting ''AJYAL'' Casablanca.

2004: 2nd prize for plastic arts - Student creation forum, Hassan II University - Casablanca.

2003: 1st Prize Essay Faculty of Letters.

2002:- 2nd prize for poetry (Student creation forum) Hassan II University- Casablanca

-3rd prize for poetry, (2nd Forum for the disabled) Ministry responsible for children and the integration of the disabled.

-1st Prize for Arabic Poetry, Faculty of Letters- Casablanca

-1st prize modern poem festival.

2000: - 3rd prize for poetry, (student creation forum) Hassan II University, Casablanca.

Art Critics

Tabit paints in a language nourished by the sensitivity of the heart. It takes us on a joyful journey against the backdrop of a universal dream. It reminds us of the essential joy that emerges from a smile, a caress,... and above all it reiterates the promises that all life bears. These beings with childish features are endowed with a rare emotional force, source of an invigorating dynamism which proves to be a very powerful engine allowing them to face daily life and always go forward.

Michèle Desmottes


Welcome to my universe, it is with great happiness and great pride that I present my works to you. My creations are a reflection of my moods, my travels, my daily life as well as the people around me.

Through my paintings, you will find my sensitivity, my passion for art, my love for each of them. I invite you to visit my universe, the importance of a lifetime. 

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