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Blazing Hopes Acrilico su tela cm 100 x 100
A Soul's Journey acrilico su tela cm 60 x 76
Moon Drops acrilico su tela cm 100 x 50
Transending shades acrilico su tela c m 100 x 150
Upwards acrilico su tela cm 70 x 50
Striving Heart acrilico su tela cm 40 x 50

Sulla sua Arte 
Based in Dubai, Lara has been honing her emotion-triggered paintings since 2010, between London, Paris and Beirut, among others. Originally an abstract painter, occasionally semi-abstract elements blend into her work. Inspired by various elements of reality, nature, people, wildlife, landscapes/seascapes or simply “human ressentis” she creates with her intuition and instincts. Nothing is too little or too much, as long as the strokes come from a genuine and deeply rooted place within. At times soft, and other times more dynamic, the movements, textures and colours come together into endless stories but, most all, a celebration of life.

Lara’s paintings are comparable to a wish… a quest towards a safe haven, a vision of peace, governed by strokes… where colors, stories and shapes are metaphors, striving to communicate and draw human’s closer to their genuine selves…