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All Things Born stainless steel
Huaisu Bronze coloring
Luoshen White Copper
Eight Steeds Supporting Wings White Copper
Winter White Copper
Sunshine White Copper

Sulla sua Arte 

Sculpture with unique style and craftsmanship

 "In freehand brushwork, delicacy can be seen", which best summarizes Liu Wei's artistic style. His works have a grand conception, smooth lines, and extremely dynamic beauty. But upon closer examination, the seemingly graceful lines contain rich details and profound connotations. This is precisely the charm of Liu Wei's sculpture art, and it has also become an important magic weapon for the success of his works.

 Family background, the path of sculpture. Liu Wei was born into an artistic family and has been highly regarded in artistic creation since childhood. In his youth, he focused on studying sculpture and systematically studied relevant knowledge at Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts. He actively joined the ranks of many senior artists and accumulated rich practical experience. I have taught at a university and currently reside in Xi'an, dedicated to the sculpture industry. Under such influence and polishing, Liu Wei accumulated a solid foundation on the road of sculpture creation in the future and finally shone brightly.

 Balancing inheritance and innovation. If the most core concept in Liu Wei's works is to see innovation through inheritance. Many of his works are inspired by traditional Chinese culture, such as "One Qin, One Crane" and "Tianwen", perfectly combining classical Chinese aesthetics with contemporary contexts. He does not mechanically replicate classical elements, but instead gives them new meaning, making them shine with the light of the times. This spirit of inheritance and innovation is like the rushing Yangtze River, with a long history.

At the same time, Liu Wei also pays attention to real life and has created many works that reflect the characteristics of the times. He conforms to the needs of the times and inherits mainstream values, reflecting inheritance in innovation, which can be called "inheritance in innovation". Taking inspiration from Li Shangyin's poem "Tears on the Moonlight Pearl in the Canghai Sea, Warm Jade in the Blue Field", combining the cultural connotation of the Lantian Jade Carving and Creative Industry, this book showcases the charm of the abundant Lantian Jade in this city with soft and moving lines and colors, enhancing the promotion of the city's business card and increasing economic benefits. For example, in "Winter", his daughter's painting is used as the original work, with a curled bird as the main body and ice like jelly as the background. The clumsy and cute design and pure white cool color scheme depict the contradictions and crises faced by the current ecosystem, calling on humans to maintain their survival boundaries and seek coexistence and development.

 In today's rapidly developing digital art, Liu Wei is also actively trying and practicing. He organically integrates digital technology with traditional sculpture, not only improving creative efficiency, but also adding unique charm to public spaces. This spirit of daring to explore is in line with his inheritance of traditional culture. I believe that in his hands, tradition and numbers will collide to create brilliant sparks.

 Craftsmanship creates art. If Liu Wei's life can be summarized in one sentence, it is "unique craftsmanship". He has always devoted himself to the sculpture industry, with a rigorous creative spirit and unique artistic pursuit, constantly breaking through himself, and ultimately forging a colorful artistic life, which also fills us with infinite imagination of the aesthetic value of traditional culture in the digital age.

Il suo Curriculum

Liu Wei, male, November 1976. Member of China Arts and Crafts Association, member of Xi'an Art Association, visiting professor at Luoyang Institute of Technology, holding a qualification certificate for urban sculpture. I studied at the Sculpture Department of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in 1997 and graduated as a graduate student in 2011. I have been engaged in indoor and outdoor sculpture creation in Xi'an to this day.

 In 2001, the landscape sculpture work "Crosseye" was selected for the "West, West - Dialogue with History Large Landscape Sculpture Exhibition".

 In 2008, the 6-meter granite sculpture "Emperor Yan" was completed at Zhengzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Henan Province; The 9-meter themed landscape sculpture "Facial Mask" was completed at the Han Opera Park in Ankang, Shaanxi.,

 The 2009 sculpture "Yan Qing Da Lei" was selected for the 7th China Sports Art Exhibition.

 The sculpture work "Warm Winter" won the third prize at the master's graduation exhibition in 2010.

 In 2012, the 2-kilometer long five colored stone decorative relief sculpture "Han River Ancient Rhyme" was completed in Ankang City, Shaanxi Province.

 The 36 meter bronze sculpture "Harmony Buddha on All Sides" was completed in Xianyue Mountain, Liling, Hunan in 2013.

 The 15 meter dynamic landscape sculpture "Lily" was completed in Xi'an High tech Zone, Shaanxi in 2016.

 In 2018, landscape sculptures such as "Four Blues in Lantian", "Moisturizing Blue Jade", and "Blue Jade Blooming Smoke" were completed in Lantian County, Shaanxi Province; The landscape sculptures "Playing the Qin", "Hairpin Ladies", "Li Mo Stealing Songs", and "Red Leaves Inscription Poems" were completed in Shangyang Palace, Luoyang, Henan Province.

 The 2019 sculpture work "Wu Dai Dang Feng" was selected for the "Growing Together with the Motherland" calligraphy, art, and photography exhibition.

 The landscape sculpture "Yao Guang Banquet" was completed in the Jiuzhou Pond Site Park in Luoyang, Henan Province in 2020.

 In 2021, the sculpture "One Qin, One Crane" won the second prize in the Quzhou Public Art Program Collection of the "Southern Confucius Holy Land Quzhou Rites", and "The Meeting of Three Qus" won the nomination award.

 The 22 year high 20 meter landscape sculpture "Light" won the first prize in the collection of themed sculptures at the Yibin Science and Technology City Science and Technology Square in Luoyang.

 The paper "Exploration of the Impact of Public Space Sculpture on Urban Cultural Construction and Social Benefits" was published in the 4th issue of Time Film and Television in 2022.

 The 23 year sculpture "Nine Songs - Hebo" won the Excellent Award in the Sculpture Creation Competition of Quyuan Cultural Park in Yichang, Hubei, and "Tianwen" was nominated for the award.

 An exclusive interview with a character published in Henan Economic Newspaper titled "Engraving Urban Footsteps with Sculpture - Contemporary Sculpture Artist Liu Wei" was reprinted by Zhongyuan Economic Network, Sanqin Network, ZAKER News Network, and NetEase News Network. "After August 20th, 2018", "Late Autumn", and "Winter" were selected for the "Symbiosis and Boundaries" Global Healing Art Competition organized by the International Society of Art Therapy.

 The paper "On the Artistic Characteristics of Urban Sculpture" Xi'an Silk Road Group Sculpture "was published in the July 2023 issue of Wenyuan magazine.