High Hopes acrylic colors on paper Size: cm 37 X 54
Catastrophe Acrylic Colors On Paper cm 45 x 37
The Man Next Door Acrylic colors on paper cm 40 X 30
Schizophrenia Acrylic colors on paper cm 50 X 40
Jungled Acrylic Colors On Paper cm 42 X 29
City Neighbours acrylic colors on canvas cm 40 X 30

Sulla sua Arte

La sua Biografia

A Palestinian Artist originally from Haifa, was born in kuwait in 1984 and moved to Dubai in 2007.

Her unwavering dedication to her artistic growth led her to persue higher education earning a Master degree in Art and Culture Management from Rome Business School. Furthermore, she obtained a Diploma in Art Market Introduction and immersed herself in expressive art therapy sessions which helped her in expanding her creative horizons.

Nour’s Artistic practice is characterized by fearless exploration of different mediums and styles. With a versatile spirit, she unleashes her creativity through captivating paintings and mixed media works, incorporating elements such as mirrors, stones,crushed glass, clay and wood into her art.

Eash piece she creates is a singular reflection of her emotions, experiences and observations,beckoning viewers to embrak on their own imaginative journeys.

Nour continues to experience using different art materials and mediums employing them as a conduits for self-expression and emotional introspection to shape her artistic journey and identity in the art society.

Il suo Curriculum

Shortlisted for the 4th International Emerging Artist Award 2016.


◦ JULY 2023, Mega Art & Studio D’arte Larkina Lorita,Venice,Italy
◦ NOVEMBER 2021, DIFC Art Nights DIFC, Dubai,UAE
◦ OCTOBER 2018, Beyond the Blue Radisson Blu Hotel Diera, Dubai,UAE
◦ APRIL 2018, Colors of Spring, Art Hub Gallery D3,Dubai,UAE
◦ MAY 2017, INDEX
Dubai World Trade Center,Dubai,UAE
◦ MARCH2017, International Women’s Day Exhibition
Arab Cultural Center, Sharjah, UAE
◦ JULY 2016, Ramadan exhibition
Gallery 76, Dubai, UAE
◦ FEBRUARY 2016, Art Market
Borgo Vecchio Al Manzel Downtown,  
◦ JANUARY 2016, Art in Secret
Alserkal Avenue, Showcase Gallery
◦ March 2015, Arte Market
Time Square Mall,Dubai,UAE
◦ March 2015, Art of Alphabet
Gallery 76,Dubai,UAE
◦ APRIL 2015, World Art Dubai
World Trade Center,Dubai,UAE
◦ APRIL 2015, FANN Exhibition Deerfields Mall, Abu Dhbai,UAE
◦ JUNE 2015, Ramadan Exhibition, Gallery 76, Dubai,UAE
◦ NOVEMBER 2015, Annual Members Exhibition
Gallery 76,Dubai,UAE