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Copper Fingers acrylic on canvas 9 x 12 inch
Copper Grasses acrylic on canvas 9 x 12 inch
Undulating acrylic on canvas 8 X 8 inch
Fossil acrylic on canvas 9 x 12 inch
Golden Flowers acrylic on canvas 8 X 8 inch
Crackle acrylic on canvas 9 X 12 inches

Sulla sua Arte

Pete and Heather Malmberg are emerging artists outside Perry, Iowa. Pete is the curator of Forest Park Museum, a local history museum. Heather is a Walmart pharmacist. They enjoy raising the famous Maremmano Abruzze livestock guardian dogs, expanding their lovely Rose Garden and exploring contemporary art.  

Pete does some ink sketches and charcoal work but particularly enjoys painting acrylic pieces that explore colors, shapes, textures and the intersection of the material and natural worlds. His pieces tend to vivid colors and interesting textures. He is fascinated by the fleeting nature of the world around us and attempts to capture glimpses of its transient nature. 

Heather works mainly with pastels and watercolors and enjoys exploring the natural landscape around her in her works. She particularly enjoys depicting dogs and landscapes with intense colors.           

The Malmbergs work can be seen online on the ArtMajeur and ArtPal galleries as well as a page on the Swiss Galerie website about them. Their works appear at the Mary Rose Gallery in Perry and will soon be in the Mega Art Association Gallery website and exhibition in Rome. Many thanks to Claudio Giulianelli and others who have helped them with their art! They look forward to many years creating beautiful and interesting pieces for many collectors walls.