Autumn Teapot Oil on canvas 65 x 42 cm
Shame Oil on canvas 54x45
Flamenco Girl Oil on canvas 33 x 24 cm
Sandy Pines Oil on canvas 50x30 cm
Alayos Mountains Oil on canvas 30 x 45 cm
Two Trees Two Trees Oil on carton 30 x 24 cm

Il suo Curriculum

Cynthia Rey first exhibited while studying Fine Arts at Secondary School 

and at the University in Michigan.

 Instagram: cynthiareysart 

Artelista. On-line exhibition 2012-2021

The Painters Keys.On-line exhibit. 2015 

Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London. 2017

Geometry and Colour, Tapas Bar, Granada. 2010 

Toros y Matadores, Vincci Hotel, Granada. 2002 

Family Tree, portraits, La Botana, Realejo, Spain. 2001

Pintura del Pueblo, La Zubia, Spain. 2000 

Bull Fight Paintings, Hotel Tryp, Granada, Spain. 1998 

Solo Pintura, Troncoso Cuatro Pub, La Coruña, Spain. 1987 

Painterly Crowd Exhibit, Blue Note Club, San Francisco, CA. 1984

Sulla sua Arte 

As new influences appeared in my life, I explored them with rigour. The Spanish motif dominated my existence for over a decade; Late for the Dance, Flamenco dancers with carnations in their hair, the bulls and matadors, and recurrent studies of Spanish Masters. Previous interests were molded by North American Abstract Expressionist and the search for female role models such as Kahlo, Morisot and Cassatt. Obsessed with form and colour and hyper vigilant of surroundings, I have created pieces that show my love and admiration of materials from cloth to wood to metals, as in the Moroccan Teapots, Sierra Mountains and Michigan Trees. At times the works include symbolic representations of social rituals and sometimes they reflect upon the human fragility and frustration which often leads to self destruction, and perhaps, reconstruction. The passing of time as witnessed in self-portraits and painting through the mirror, blissful love, youthful innocence and always, hope. Should you hold on to it, or not? “La esperanza es lo último que se pierde” Caja de Pandora