Thought water oils and acrylics cm 40 x 60
Peace with harmonica water oils and acrylics cm 40 x 80
Pieces water oisl and acrylics cm 40 x 80
Freedom water oils and acrylics cm 40 x 60
Civilization & Art water oils and acrylics cm 40 x 80
Our mother Earth wather oils and acrylics cm 50 x 70

About her Art


Her Motto: Soul testimony for the Art of Painting.


 *She was born in Athens, Greece and lives in Aspropyrgos region.

*She is a graduate of Home Economics and School of Interior Designers and Powertex School. She has taken courses in Hagiography, Engraving, Painting and other techniques. She apprenticed with excellent teachers in Hagiography with Alexandra Tsigou, Stavros Tsakidis and Nina Batiashvili.Engraving with Konstantinos Veroutis and Painting with Roula Akalestou. She has completed a certified cycle of hagiography seminars at the Athens Technical University, with professors Stavros Tsakidis and Grigorios Vlassas, as well as the e-learning program of the University of Piraeus "ART & THEOLOGY" with professor Mr. G. Bozas.

*She participated in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad, as well as in one solo exhibition which took place in 2019, within the institution of ThriasiaoftheMunicipalityofAspropyrgos.

 *Several of her works are found in the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus, in the Folklore Museum of Macedonia & Thrace, in the Cultural Center of Aspropyrgos, in the Hadjipaterio Foundation, in the Pan-Epirus Association of Aspropyrgos and finally, in several private collections.