Contatto: :miguel.morais.barros@gmail.com

Colorful dream oil on canvas cm 55 x 45
The Old Lady oil on canvas cm 45 x 55
Air oil on several materials on wood cm 20 x 25
The Lady and the Bowl oil on canvas cm 45 x 55
Three Ladies going Home oil on canvas cm 45 x 55
The Lady in Red Saree oil on canvas cm 45 x 55

La sua Biografia 

Il suo Curriculum

Was born in Lisbon in the year of 1962 and has triple citizenship: Canadian, Portuguese and Angolan.

In 2014, Miguel moved from Luanda, Angola in Africa, to Calgary, Alberta, where he is currently living. Now he is a Permanent Resident in Calgary!

The exposure to a whole new Continent has already trigger a new inspirational process that is clearly distinct from his past experiences, though quite complementary.

In 1975, Miguel’s family moved to Brazil for a year. This experience made Miguel decide to invest his education in the Arts.

He holds a degree in Interior Architecture and Design, from IADE (Lisbon, Portugal), 1984.

He has designed china for Vista Alegre, after winning the National Design Award in Portugal in 1984.

From 1987 till 1999, Miguel has worked in an institution whose goal was to help drug addicts in their recovering process. Miguel was in charge of the Painting and Drawing Atelier where he combined his artistic and human relation skills to create programs to help the recovery of the participants.

During this period, India has drawn Miguel imagination and inspiration. Moved by this motivation, Miguel has made several trips to India, spending there long periods of time on each of his trips. As a consequence, the East has become a recurrent subject in his paintings.

In 2008, Miguel decided to move to Angola, Africa, where he has lived 6 years. This African experience, very close to his family roots, created a new cycle in his professional career, again becoming a significant presence in his paintings.


Miguel Barros’ art’s ways between harmony and conflict. He avoids the easy mirroring of the reality, but his modern spirit makes an “interior world” come to surface, showing its true colours and an insightful look upon life and the surrounding entities.

Each year, Miguel profits from his full dedication to art, refining his technique as well bringing more of himself as each new work is presented. His work has grown through the years in artistic sensibility and has become a reference in several places around the World.

Miguel’s paintings clearly reflect a fundamental connection with Art. His work seems to be his soul handwriting a letter to the observer of his art, in a message full of emotions and intention that materialize into colours and apparently shapeless forms. If each one of us keeps an open spirit to Miguel’s work, it’s almost impossible to avoid a wave of warmth and pleasure coming from his paintings.

His work confirms Miguel’s talented skills specially the way he uses old techniques in an original way to convey is vision of the world. Miguel’s thoughts, ideas, concepts are full of passion and energy and are presented in a refreshing and clear way, though there is also a clear invitation to mediate on the mysteries of art and philosophy.

Miguel Barros’ works are in several public and private collections in several countries around the world: Portugal, Angola, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, United States, India, Lebanon and Mozambique, Australia, Sweden, South Africa.

Il suo Curriculum

Exhibitions (Selected)



 -“The Nature” Fort Gallery, Fort Langley British Colombia, Canada

- "Sometimes the Sun is..." ArtSpace Gallery in Oklahoma City, USA

- “Paint the Town”, Fort Gallery, Fort Langley British Colombia, Canada

- PILF “third part” India in my dreams, Pune, India

- “25 Years” MAC-movimento arte contemporânea, Lisboa, Portugal

- “The artistic expression of survivors of sexual violence”, Awakenings Foundation, Chicago,   USA

- “The Sun sleeps beneath the leaves”, Art Gallery Kazanlak, Bulgaria,

- “Water, Air, Earth, Fire”, Dual Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

- “Lusofonias d’um Expatriado”, MAC movimento arte contemporânea, Lisboa, Portugal

-PART II, “India in my dreams”, Centro Camões, Panaji, Goa, India

- “Stars in a Blue Turquoise Sky”, Oak Hill Gallery, Mornington Vic. Australia

- “A Set of a Triology” Mini Print Exhibition at Husby Konsthall, Sweden

- “FACADES”, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK  

- “G. Show”, MAC movimento arte contemporâneo, Lisboa, Portugal



- “12X12 WINTER EXHIBIT”, The Fort Gallery, Langley, Victoria BC, Canada

- “India in May dreams”, India International Centre, New Delhi, India

- “Blizzards and Snowflakes”, Motion Gallery Calgary, Canada

- “Chronic Art Show”, Motion Gallery, Calgary, Canada

- “Mother Earth”, Linus Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

- “Ripped Flowers”, The Awakenings Foundation, Chicago, USA

- “MAC”, 24th Anniversary, Lisboa, Portugal

- “Art Moves Des Plaines”, Des Plaines, Chicago, USA

- “Earth Day & Transparency”, Bow Valley College, Calgary, Canada

- “Colorful”, Heaven Gallery, Arizona USA

- “Sometimes we can see strange things in the Sky”, Surface Gallery, Nottingham UK

- “My Icebergs in Australia”, Oak Hill Gallery, Mornington Vic, Australia



-“Pessoa Unveiled”, York University Of Toronto, Canada

-“Pessoa Unveiled”, University Of Toronto, Canada

-PATTERNS, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

- MAC XXIII Anniversary

-“Pessoa Unveiled”, Winnipeg, City Hall, Canada

-“Courage and Disturbance Art Show”, Los Angeles, USA

–Performance 01, MAAN, Luanda, Angola

 -SAMBANDAM-India, Palácio da Memória, Lisboa, Portugal

-"frozen gardens" Oak Hill Gallery, Mornington, Australia

-"Pure Sand from Africa" Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK

-“Colour me Different” Calgary, Bow Valley College, Canada

-“Sulcos/Furrows” MAC, Lisboa, Portugal



 -TED talk, Chasing Ice through my Canvas, Bow Valley College, Calgary, Canada

-Linus Gallery, “Reflections”, Los Angeles, USA

-Awakenings Foundation, Chicago, USA

-Secret Alley Gallery, “eyes on the street”, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

-Fort Gallery, Metaphoric Monarch, Fort Langley, Victoria BC, Canada

-MAC, Exhibition Prestigious Painting Prize/Portugal

-Walnut Contemporary, “TRANSPARENCY”, Toronto, Canada

-Walnut Contemporary, “To be…!”, Toronto, Canada

-Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK

-Artlink Gallery, Fort Wayne, USA

-DADAA Gallery, Perth, Australia

-Linus Gallery, Pasadena, California, USA



 -Walnut Contemporary “Flanders Fields”, Toronto, Canada

-MAC, Exhibition Prestigious Painting Prize/Portugal

-Art Project Colection” C.C.Camões, Luanda/Angola (Bank Caixa Totta, Angola)

-International Art Biennial, Brazil

-Prevent’Art 44, MAC Lisbon

-Arqt13 Gallery-Postscript: Correspondent Works, An Epistolary work between art and curator, Rome, Italy

-Movimento Arte Contemporânea, “Expo Colectiva”, Lisbon



 -no theme/only colours, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

-Expo-Colect, MAC Lisbon/Portugal



 -Fiat Lux, MAC Lisbon/Portugal


 -Beyond the Horizon, C.C.Camões, Luanda/Angola

-Expo-Colect, MAC Lisbon/Portugal

-The colors of the day, Art Academy of Azores, Portugal

-Kandandu I, Convent Gallery, Lisbon/Portugal

-Kandandu II, Celamar Gallery, Luanda/Angola

-There’s Jazz in Camões, C.C.Camões, Luanda/Angola



 -Gold & Silver, MAC Lisbon/Portugal

-Four hands, Cultural Center, Ericeira/Portugal

-Expo-Colect, MAC Lisbon/Portugal



 -Angola Mirabilis, C.C.Camões, Luanda/Angola

-African-Trance, Skyna Gallery, Luanda/Angola

-contemporary art movement, Lisbon/Portugal



 -Maresias, Cultural Center, Ericeira/Portugal

-Lands of Angola, Foundation Sousa Pedro, Lisboa/Portugal

-Africa, MAC Lisbon/Portugal

-Vidas na Banda, Celamar Gallery, Luanda/Angola



 -Faces, MAC Lisbon/Portugal

-Fiz’Art, Lisboa/Portugal

-Art Reunion, Cultural Center, Campo Maior/Portugal

-16 years of complicity, C.C. of Arts Foundation Gulbenkian, Ponte de Sôr/Portugal

-Expo-Colect, MAC Lisbon/Portugal



 -21 years later, Cultural Center, Ericeira/Portugal

-Goodbye Lisbon,  Foundation Sousa Pedro, Lisboa/Portugal

-Collective, contemporary art movement, Lisbon/Portugal



 -Time & Paintings, MAC Lisbon/Portugal

-Reflections, Caf’Experimental, Setúbal/Portugal

-Porto Sentido, Estecta Gallry, Porto/Portugal

-Collective Works, contemporary art movement, Lisbon/Portugal

-Seven Hills of Lisbon, City Museum, Lisbon/Portugal



 -Art’Collective, contemporary art movement, Lisbon/Portugal



 -LxSmall, First-Floor Gallery, Lisbon/Portugal

-Artists Together, contemporary art movement, Lisbon/Portugal

-Contemporary Art Fair, Estoril/Portugal



 -Miniatures, Contemporary Art Center, Amadora/Portugal

-Fables of La Fontaine, Lapa’s Gallery, Lisbon/Portugal



 -Looking towards East, Arte Privada Gallery, Lisbon/Portugal

-Post ‘Cards, Rosa Cruz’s Gallery, Lisbon/Portugal

-Art’Collective, contemporary art movement, Lisbon/Portugal



 -50 Recent Paintings, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Ponte de Sôr/Portugal

-Art’Collective, contemporary art movement, Lisbon/Portugal

-Three of Us, Ministry of Finance, Lisbon/Portugal



 -Blue Lisbon, Oikos Gallery, Lisbon/Portugal

-A Look at Africa, Museu da Mãe D’Água, Lisbon/Portugal



 -The Vision of Paradise, Cultural Center, Ericeira/Portugal



 -Africamar, Cultural Center Camões, Maputo/Mozambique



 -Africamar, Oikos Gallery, Lisbon/Portugal

-Oradas, Foundation Convento da Orada, Monsaraz/Portugal



 -Things, Maria Lebre’s Gallery, Tomar/Portugal

-Colors-Mixed, Contemporary Art Center, Amadora/Portugal



 -Goa in Lisbon, Fundação Oriente, Pangim/India

                            Palácio Valadares, Lisbon/Portugal

                           Foundation Casas Fronteira e Alorna, Lisbon/Portugal

-Different Approaches, Palácio da Indepência, Lisbon/Portugal



 -Painting Ingenuity, Cultural Center of Belém, Lisbon/Portugal



 -Typicalities, Escada4 Gallery, Cascais/Portugal-The 5 Dimensions, Penta Gallery, Lisbon/Portugal



 -Various aspects of life of a People, Maxima Gallery, Lisbon/Portugal



 -Only Lonely, Bénard Guedes Gallery, Lisbon/Portugal



 -Full of color, Artissano’s Gallery, Lisbon/Portugal



 - Sala de Arte Escorial, Lisboa

-The First, Museum of Mercy, Ericeira/Portugal



 2019 MAC, art prize "Medal Award of Merit 2019"


2018 Honorable Mention, Heaven Gallery USA

2017   MAC, Career Award, Portugal

2015   MAC, Prestigious Painting Prize/Portugal

2014  MAC, Prestigious Painting Prize/Portugal

            MAC, Painting Artist cultural divulgation/Portugal

2007  MAC, Meritorious Honourable Mention Painting/Portugal

2000  Prize contest winner Sacred Art/Portugal

1995  Meritorious Honourable Mention Painting, Cultural Center of Belém/Portugal

1990   Meritorious Honourable Mention Painting Young Artist Award/Portugal

1984   Meritorious Honourable Mention Painting Artist Award Design/Portugal

            (Vista Alegre Porcelain)


Private and Corporate Collections (Selected)

Husby Konsthall, Sweden

National Gallery of Modern Art in India, New Delhi

India International Centre Annexe, Art Gallery, India, New Delhy

Portuguese Embassy in India, New Delhi

Centro Camões, India, New Delhi

 Des Plaines Arts Council , Chicado, USA

Bow Valley College, Calgary, Canada

Foundation/Fundação Oriente/India

Foundation/Fundação BCP

Foundation/Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Portugal

Foundation/Fundação Convento da Orada, Portugal

International Bank/Banco Internacional de Crédito, Portugal

Bank/Banco Caixa Totta, Luanda, Angola

Insurance /Companhia de Seguros Açoriana, Azores, Portugal

Magazine’s Cover Reader´s Digest

Ministry of Finance/Ministério das Finanças de Portugal

Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs /Ministério dos Assuntos Parlamentares, Angola

Ministry of Commerce/Ministério do Comércio de Angola

Town Hall /Câmara Municipal de Campo Maior, Portugal

Town Hall /Câmara Municipal da Amadora, Portugal

Town Hall /Câmara Municipal de Loures, Portugal

Town Hall /Câmara Municipal de Monforte, Portugal

Consulate/Consulado de Portugal em Pangim, Goa, Índia

Embassy/Embaixada de Portugal em Bona, Germany

Embassy/Embaixada de Portugal em Maputo, Mozambique

Embassy/Embaixada de Portugal, Luanda, Angola

Embassy/Embaixada de Portugal,  Brasília, Brazil

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