Contatti: adoramorna.art@gmail.com

OA 272 mixed media acrylic on canvas cm 30 x 30
OA 277 mixed media acrylic on canvas cm 40 x 40
OA 239 mixed media acrylic on canvas cm 140 x 95
OA 273 mixed media acrylic on canvas cm 30 x 30
OA 278 mixed media acrylic on canvas cm 40 x 40
OA 233 mixed media acrylic on canvas cm 80 x 80

About her Art 

I am an artist since I can remember my self

 After 20 years of running my own successful Interior Design business, I’ve decided to choose a different path outside the daily race,  and to devote myself to painting. My day starts with a long walk on the beach before starting my day in my studio.

My work is effected by my own life story. All my works, are originals multi-layered acrylic on canvas, combining the practical world of industrial architecture recycled building materials such as paint, plaster, industrial color, glue, glass and more  with symbols and concepts from the spiritual world.

 Abstract works, characterized by harmony of colors and shapes, are minimalist yet powerful. The works presents combined world of contrasts between time and place, past and present, material and spirit, moments of mercy and emotional range. A profound observation will reveal the layers of color, life, places, situations, emotions and experiences which join and complement each other.


Solo exhibitions

  • "Hasimta Theatre Gallery" - Curator Fredi Fabian
  • "Pioneer Global Funds" Herzelia - Curator Reli Wasser
  • "Galerina" Gallery - Curator Ilan Segal
  • "Through the Paths of Words" Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva, Tiberia and Rosh Pina - Curator Reli Wasser
  • Tel Aviv - Curator Lori Pszenica


Selected Group Exhibitions

  • "The house of artists", Tel Aviv.
  • "The Yellow Submarine", Jerusalem.
  • "Summer Festival", Haifa.
  • "Longing for Peace"
  • "Roberts 2007", YNET
  • "Hanuka",Zefat
  • "I. D", Efrat Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • "Metal", Tel Aviv
  •  "Star of David", Tel Aviv
  •  "Green" Horas Richter Gallery, Old Jaffa.
  • "Imagination", Israeli Aids Task Force and Bank Hapoalim.
  • "The Vision and the Reality", Hanita Museum.
  • "Personal View", Givataim Theatre.
  • "Jerusalem", Zefat
  • "Our Memory" for Memoria Day, Ministry of Defense and "Yad Lebanim".
  •  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem.
  • Avenue Convention Center, Airport City.
  • "Pomegranate", Rosh Pina.
  • ''Liliot" Amiad Gallery, Jaffa
  • "She and He", Amiad Gallery, Jaffa
  • "Abstract", Artura Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • "Colors", Mitzpe Hayamim spa hotel
  •  Amalia Arbel Gallery,Tel Aviv
  • "The Sun Blessing", Zefat
  • "Old and New", Jaffa Museum
  • "Bride and Groom", Jaffa Museum
  • "The Muze", Jaffa Museum
  • "Hi Buba", Ein Hod center gallery
  • "View of Jerusalem", Maale Hahamisha
  • Special event in Tel Aviv "White Night"
  • "Female Responsibility", Rotshild 35 Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • "Couples of different shape", Rotshild 35 Gallery Aviv
  • "Star of David", Rotshild, Tel Aviv

Exhibitions abroad

  • "The Sacred Planet", Napoli Italy
  • "Fiares Dakar", The Republic of Senegal
  • The Permanent Collection of the Modern Art Museum of Harabin, China
  • "Art for Heart", JMA Gallery Vienna Austria
  • "The Open Collection", New York
  •  "The art of reconciliation", The Israeli Embassy Washington D.C
  • "International Femina", The National Art Museum Cluj-Napoca Romania.
  • Museum of the Americas (MOA), Miami Florida.
  • "Paths of the Thougts", Napoli, Italy.
  • "Who's Who in Visual Art", Germany.
  • Art Expo New York 2019
  • Le Verità Nascoste – galleria Piscane Milano

 Member of "Impact", the Professional Visual Artists Association, Israel

Member of the painter's unions of Givataim-Ramat Gan, Israel

Works sold to private people and large co-operations worldwide

  • Parsons School of Design-New York 1983-1986
  • Ryerson Technology School-Toronto, Canada1986-1988
  • Students' Art League  N.Y  1984-1986
  • Avni School of Art Tel Aviv 1983
  • Painting studies with the artist Heleni Shamai 2005-2007