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Rostro del Maíz Oil on canvas 50 x 50 x 4 cm
Bella Ensoñación Oil on canvas 60 x 80 x 2 cm
Pasaje Inverso Oil and acrylic on canvas 100 x 150 x 4 cm
Filosofía del Consumismo Oil and acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 x 4 cm
Conocimiento Oil and acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 x 4 cm.
Salvación de Sueños Oil and acrylic on canvas 80 x 150 x 4 cm

His Biography

Rigoberto Castro, known in the art world by the pseudonym "Rigo-Art", is a Mexican artist born in the spring of 1991, in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

From an early age, his fluency and innate fascination for drawing and painting was present, being only his parents who encouraged the talent and taste for art, from the age of 22 he completed his degree in Graphic Design, The closest thing to follow on the path of artistic creation that kept running through his veins to the point of calling him to dedicate himself completely to the sublime act of artistic creation, however, it was until the age of 25 when he really decided to take up painting as a way of life, choosing to dedicate all his effort to create new innovative works and develop a unique artistic style.

Today, in our reality, we live in such a fast-paced world, full of stereotypes and standards to “reach”, that many people roam the streets like automatons of the social entity, where our ability to imagine, dream and detach ourselves a little from our environment They have taken a back seat, they have put aside finding themselves, seeking their essence, following their dreams, keeping the flame of imagination alive, because it is right there where the greatest dreams are born and illusions flourish.

The current compositions of Rigo-Art represent that door to the imagination, where the stress of everyday life stops for an endless moment to contemplate, imagine, feel that colors come to life, that figures little by little take over your dreams to give way to the contemplation of a world where hope and dreams vibrate more than ever, fantasy and reality live in harmony, where calm reigns and longing lives.

In each of his works there is a diversity of themes that through observation and meditation have the purpose of giving hope, faith, tranquility, each brushstroke is full of dreams, innocence, that inner childhood that is indelible in our life. I, frequently represented by the female figure, who represents that flash of life implicit in each work.

Rigo-Art's finished works are the reflection of a beautiful journey between reality and fantasy, painted with the soul, seeking to fill hearts with life and fill a void, with a spark of life and hope.

"Each painting created is like leaving a part of my life adhering to the pigments and to the canvas itself, something that I was at a time and now it accompanies me by my side, it is something pleasant."

Today, his career in the art world grows with his active participation in more than 30 national and international exhibitions, where his art lives in different private collections in Mexico, China, USA, Spain and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

"Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that my life would be meaningless if I stopped painting."