The magician Iron wire, dried fabric and wooden base cm 112
Farewell Wire and fabric drying cm 78
The dancing Wire and fabric drying cm 97
The screem Wire and fabric drying cm 92
The woman who is holding a heart Wire and fabric drying cm 67
Against the wind Wire and fabric drying cm 130

La sua Biografia

Artist Anna Athitaki - Giakoumaki was born in Heraklion, Crete island ,Greece , where she has been living till today. After completing her studies in Heraklion, she got married and devoted herself in raising her children. She worked as a freelance professional in the sewing industry for a decade. At the same time, she attended painting courses. Her works are found in several private collections. Anna- “Anais Anais” has also attended sculpture, mixed media,decoupage and art workshops next to distinguished instructors. She participated in several group exhibitions and has organized individual exhibitions in selected venues. The dominant element of her work is the human figure free from naturalistic elements, away from the realistic depiction of human forms. Her work focuses on symbolic elements, emphasizing the expressiveness of emotions and the mental – spiritual world.

Anais Anais is a fanatical admirer of all forms of art "which helps human to become better and to understand itself in a deeper way".