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Goddesses Suit acrilico su tela cm 48 x 80
Trojan Horse acrilco su tela cm 45 X 80
Balance acrilico su tela cm 23
Emerald Phoenix acrilico su tela cm 45 X 80
Aphrodite acrilico su tela cm 45 X 80
Sezena acrilico su tela cm 45 X 80

Sulla sua Arte

Sezen SEVİNÇ was born in Çanakkale 1979,She graduated from Open Education High School with a General Cultur Studies diploma, In 2006, she particpated in the gallery organizzation Works for Gallery Rengigül and took private lessons from various academicians.

After her solo exhibition in 2009, she organized various group exhibitions, festivals and workshops. 


The Municipality of Eceabat Culture& Arts Award

Femin&Art 1. İnternational Art Festival Merit Pay and Recognition Award

The Municipality of Küçükkuyu Culture & Art Festival Artist award 


2009 Amateur drawings

2018 the Reflections of Sezart Troian Spirit

2018 the Secrets of Troy

2018 Troy-all in one breath


Inspired by mythological legends and storles, she regards her own artistic Works as reflection of spirit through the travel to the energy of spirit. Everything visible has an imaginary adventure, as well as its own affection, desires and imagination. Energy is what brings up our thoughts and lets them get in the act. Energy never disappears but goes on its changing form.

The source of energy is consciousness and emotions. After our life experience taking shape at subconscions, they come together with the work. Who can feel visible colors, smell, sound and fascinating dancing they have cathed from one part of my lines and passing to the inside.

Our reflections have a masterful posture, unique features and mystery. At intersection point, İn Light beam that An enegy like DNA helix, coming together there,travel through both to the universe of existence and to the eternal absence