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Six colors fluid art acrilico cm 50 x 72 x 8
Landscape fluid art acrilico cm 72 x 50 x 8
FA #4 AKA: "DragonStorm" fluid art acrilico cm 56 x 71
BlackWhiteRedBlueOrangeGreen aka: Marshscape fluid art acrilico cm 50 x 72 x 8
fluid art acrilico cm 50 x 72 x 8
Rolling Wave fluid art acrilico cm 25 x 35 x 4

About his Art

I was born and raised in a small town in Washington state. Like most, I started to draw at an early age. I copied cartoons from the newspaper comics. Unlike most I kept it up.
My early life had its share of tragedy. I went through the loss of a sibling. I also had periods of grinding boredom (depression) that had me longing to see the world.
I finally got my chance when I joined the Navy in 1970.
Amoung other places I went then were the Philippines. While there I was inspired to create an oil painting of a street scene featuring a jittney. It's a form of transportation unique to that part of the world.
Unfortunatly this painting was lost as so many of my earlier works have been. Moving, and storage problems destroyed most of my work up until the last few years.
I went to the Evergreen State College mid to late seventies. I studied a variety of media subjects which included painting and drawing. I studied writing too. I made a number of works that, again, are now lost.
After obtaining a BA in English in 1977 I applied for and received a position with the Washington Stae Government.
The position was that of a Disabled Veterans Program Specialist. The DVOP was tasked with locating and assisting military veterans with their job search. I held that position for a year with Washington. I traveled throughout Lewis County looking for vets in the countryside and small towns.
In the early 1980s I obtained a position as a Youth Employment Counselor for Santa Clara County in California. I was in that position for about five years. It was during that time I learned a lot about using computer aided job search.
In the mid 80s to early 2000s I transitioned to the position of Disabled Veterans Outreach Program specialist. I finished my career in the California State Employment Development Department there. I retired in the mid 2000s.
I kept my hand in the arts as a painter and sculptor doing a couple of commissions and work for myself. During the last few years I continued to paint. I painted some of the walls in my apartment with city and seascapes. One portrait, one seascape and one cityscape. Also continued to draw.
Late last year my wife introduced me to Fluid Art. She made a friend who worked in this genre.
I fell in love with this free expression of emotion. I learned it through the study of online FA artists. That brings me to today. I hope you enjoy my FA (also called Acrylic Pour Art) I have presented through Mega Art Gallery. Thank you,
Eddie Spatz