HÉLÈNE DE TYNDARE - Ukraine / France

Contacts: helenedetyndare@gmail.com

Enlightment olio su tela cm 120 x 100
Resistance oil on canvas cm 150 x 100
Faith oil on canvas cm 80 x 80
Determination Oil on canvas cm 120 x 100
Inspiration oil on canvas cm 100 x 120
Serenity oil on canvas cm 80 x 80


About her Art 


Hélène de Tyndare is a French artist of Ukrainian origin.

She worked as engineer in Siberia, Ukraine, Italy and France. Her passion for painting started when she was young. She has been trained by Ukrainian painters and attended art schools in France. During the last years she has been practicing her art on a full-time basis in her workshops  located close to Paris and in the Cannes French Côte d’Azur. 


The 6 paintings attached to this personal page are an extract from her « Portraits of Humanity » exhibition which took place in May - June 2022 at «l’Entrepôt» gallery in Monaco.

Through their intense colors and deeply expressive eyes, these portraits are telling us the story of positive humanity such as the one demonstrated by the resistance of Ukrainian people to the brutal 2014 agressions and 2022 invasion.

These portraits tell us the story of present Ukrainian resilience as illustrated by 6 woman portraits :

1.   « Enlightment  »  

Ukraine declared its independence on August 24th ,1991 following the collapse of USSR and its dark ages violence. This portrait illustrates the enlightment brought by freedom and democracy. Protecting 1991 independence, freedom and democracy is one of the important foundation of the current resilience demonstrated by the Ukrainian people.

2.    In 2022, Ukrainian resilience itself is illustrated by 5 portraits representing :

« Determination » and « Faith » which are sources of « Inspiration », « Resistance » and « Serenity ».

These positive portraits of humanity and resilience represent one of the artistic contribution to the resistance of humanity and democracies against the dark ages regression of violent autocracies. 


Hélène de Tyndare was born in what was the pleasant seaside city of Marioupol before it was turned into ruins and death and became one of the major martyr-city under the 2022 unjustified barbarian invasion.

As a young girl, she enjoyed swimming and fishing in the Azov sea with her parents. Her son was born in the Marioupol maternity and attended one of the Marioupol schools which have been destroyed by russian bombings. These bombings also destroyed the Arkhip Kuindzhi  art school in Marioupol where both Hélène de Tyndare as a child and her son have attended their first art courses. The Arkhip Kuindzhi museum in Marioupol has been destroyed by a russian air strike on March 21, 2022.    

As an artist, Helene de Tyndare has expressed her overload of deep emotions through a series of paintings called « invasion » which includes paintings such as « extermination and destruction in Marioupol », « deportation », « war crimes in the country and in cities » and « survivors »    

These paintings can be viewed at the following sites and addresses : https://www.facebook.com/helenedetyndare/



The attached 6 portraits of humanity are all oil on canvas of different formats (from 80 X 80 to 120 X 140).

The paintings of Hélène de Tyndare include also landscapes, still life and religious paintings as well as series on specific themes such as « movements » and, as mentionned above, « invasion ».  

Lively colors and intense emotions are the key components which are combined in all these different types of paintings.

Her work is mostly done in oil on canvas with a palette knife, but she also works in mixed media.

Bright colors, the life-affirming position of the artist, positive thinking fill the surrounding space with an aura of calmness and confidence in the victory of the positive human mind. 

Hélène de Tyndare has been inspired by numerous painters such as Monet, Modigliani, Van Gogh, Arkhip Kuindzhi and Ivan Marchuk. 

For further information, you can contact Hélène de Tyndare on