HEIDI LEE - Singapore

Contacts: heidileesk1@gmail.com

Spring Is Here To Stay Arte digitale
Shall We Dance? Mix media acrylic
A View of Paradise arte digitale
Raging Fire Cruel Summer arte digitale
Wild Flowers: Night Dancer Mix media acrylic
COP 26 arte digitale

About her Art

I am a California, Singapore and UK trained, multidisciplinary artist, currently focusing on painting, photography and digital artwork. 

I want my art to be natural and effortless like breathing, exciting and engaging like music, and spontaneous and fluid like dancing. That's why my artworks are mostly spontaneously created with interesting texture and tonal contrast. My painting style can be described as "naturalist cum impressionistic with swift carefree fluidity and bold emotive brush strokes". 

I believe, in Art, there are no limits: boundaries are often what we have created to constrain ourselves. To me, creating art is liberating and exhilarating as it awakes all my senses, excites me and lets my imagination and creativity run freely. In addition, art is a type of meditation as it can increase awareness, promote inner healing and deep reflection. 

Most of my artworks are meant to evoke a mood which directly engages one’s emotionality. Thus, the artworks have a life of their own: evolving whilst interacting and connecting with diverse audiences of different generations. 

Impressionism, Expressionism and Abstract Art have inspired me, and my other inspiration comes from Mother Nature, travel, music, popular culture, science, architecture and history. I hope to capture the myriad flavours of life and memories in my artworks via employing the various skills and techniques that I have learned and/or developed. In addition, I am keen on learning and experimenting with different art forms because I want to produce interesting and engaging artworks which blend certain fascinating features of Western and Eastern art together. 


Contemporary Art Summer School: The Royal College of Art

Drawing & Painting: Stanford University

Chinese Ink Painting:

- Nanyang Technological University of Singapore

- Confucius Institute (NTU, Singapore)