Mind’s eye acrylic on canvas 5ft x5ft,
The mountain in us acrylic on canvas 5ft x5ft
Liberation acrylic on canvas 70 x 90 cm
Radiance calling acrylic on canvas 91 x122cm
Healing luminosity acrylic on canvas 4ft x4ft
Secret Interior acrylic on canvas -4ft x4ft,

About her Art
I'm Khando Wangmo from Bhutan, a land of stunning mountains and pure nature. 

My art is inspired by nature's vastness and the human spirit. 

As a freelance painter, I infuse my love for nature into every artwork. 

Painting is my way of life. I also love hiking, which refreshes my soul and boosts my creativity. 

Photography is another passion, capturing fleeting moments of natural beauty. 

These passions define my artistic journey.