de Ton Oeil Acrylic on canvas 100 x 150 cm
Iris of the Valley Acrylic on canvas 100 x 70 cm
Your body blossom Acrilico su tela cm 54 x 100
From your hand Acrylic on canvas 86 x 105
Language Acrylic on canvas 150 x 100 cm
Large Lilies Acrylic on canvas 100 x 70 cm

About her Art

Mara is a self though contemporary artist whose creations are characterized by vibrant and powerful colors, drawing inspiration from the beauty of of creation and the natural world. 

Her artwork depicts a harmonious wonderful dance of life, with flowers and elements from both the earthly and aquatic realms gracefully emerging on the canvas. Mara's artistic journey is marked by her self-taught approach, complemented by her background in the fashion industry and art direction in prominent cities such as Milan, London, and Germany. 

This diverse experience informs her unique and dynamic style. In 2020, Mara made the decision to further develop her painting skills through dedicated practice, ultimately transitioning to a full-time pursuit of fine art in 2022. Her works have garnered significant attention and are actively sought after by collectors across Europe and worldwide. 

The artist's ultimate goal is to bring harmony, joy, and noble thoughts to humanity, which is vividly expressed through her use of bright and bold colors.

 Education : 2004 Diploma Art and design institute -Torino IT 2010 IED fashion stylist Milano IT 2012 Central Saint Martins London Fashion Art Director 2019 Ho-ponopono Business and 2023 Basic I 2020 The tree of life -Bio informatics technologies 2020 Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi ( keep going) 2020-2022 Theta Healing certification - DNA Base - DNA Avanzato- Dig Deeper and You and the creator. 2021 - going on Co-creative Development studies and practices Gallery Affiliation and Exibition Galleria Pisacane Milan Mega Art Roma Corchiano, Viterbo The Holy Gallery London Pice Gallery Ponte di Lima, Portugal