Pescherecci in secca olio su tavola cm 20.5 x 29.5 2021
Rimessa di mola (Isola d'Elba) olio su tavola cm 30 x 25 2021
Viottolo verso il Tevere olio su tela cm 40 x 32,5
Vecchi pescherecci olio su tavola cm 25 x 30 2021
Quercia al Castellacio olio su tavola cm 38 x 42 2020
Vecchio peschereccio olio su tavola cm 22.5 x 32 2021


His Biography

Born in Rome in 1954. In the first period of his life, lived in the countryside of Ostia Antica, he was fascinated by nature and all its manifestations. He sought the musicality of the image and found in Tuscia, where he lives, an infinite resource of subjects and where he can finally get excited again for nature, for the old views of the villages. The self-taught work in Corchiano enriches his research on colors, tones, on the architectures that live around him, not to copy them but to be a witness to a world that dies together with its values. event in which he participated was his solo show at the MEGA ART Art Gallery in Corchiano Vt which obtained a great consensus from both the public and critics.


AUGUSTO BARBERINI is a landscape painter gifted with a masterful technique.
His artworks, which he paints directly on the spot, are extremely accurate in the details which, even he considers himself a "realist" painter, border on hyperrealism.
Some, such as the work "The oak at Castellaccio" seem to be almost a form of "augmented reality".
Looking at one of his paintings, our gaze is lost in these landscapes and the viewer has the idea of going into alleys or alleys of ancient Italian villages or wandering around a beach in search of old disused fishing boats.

Claudio Giulianelli pres. Mega Art