Contacts:  dimitrapapa@live.de

Abstract 2 Mixed media on canvas cm 40 x 50
Abstract 1 Mixed media on canvas cm 40 x 50
Incrustations dyptych palette knife on canvas cm 45 x 70
Abstract 3 Mixed media on canvas cm 40 x 50
Deep in my own thoughts palette knife on canvas cm 60 x 80
Windows with a view diptych palette knife on canvas cm 120 x 80

About her Art 
I am a self taught artist living in Thessaloniki Greece.
My true passion has always been painting and creating.
Mostly I am painting original oil and acrylic paintings on stretched canvas and on old wood pieces or driftwood. 

am working with mixed technique using palette knives and brushes.
Inspiration is everywhere. I am influenced and inspired by the magnificence and splendor of the natural environment. 

The beauty of a single flower, the sea with perpetual motion of the endless blue, or a panoramic wild coastline.

 I am excited by the fleeting balance between strength and fragility in nature.
From all these miracles occurring around us daily, I am getting energy and inspiration. Vision captures the image, landscape, human, objects, shadow, light, colors. 

With my imagination I can see my object more freely and looking for a different form that will reflects and expresses my own perception. 

Creating a new image influenced from my personal experience, my character and the mood of the moment.
I am trying through my artworks to express my inner need to transform a personal experience and thereby to set me free from it. Ally with my unbridled imagination, juggling between reality and dream, completely engrossed in my paintings.
Artistic creation is a mean of relaxation, a free expression, an emotional release.....a wonderful journey..... a day at the beach of dreams..... a constant
search for the “ Perfect Wave “ !!


Participation in the following group exhibitions :
-Dialoge between artist and viewer - Malou Art Gallery,
November - December 2015 , Athens Greece
-Two voices, past and present - Malou Art Gallery,
August – September 2016 , Cronwell Resort Sermilia,
Chalkidiki Greece
- Cities of imagination and reality – Malou Art Gallery,
March 2017 , Athens Greece
-I am a woman.....I exist or I don't – Malou Art
Gallery, May 2017, Athens Greece
-The sea comes out of a hidden voice. Voice coming
into our heart - Malou Art Gallery, June 2017, Athens
-Color Expression – Malou Art Gallery, October 2017,
Athens Greece
-Woman....Man.....Love over the centuries - Malou
Art Gallery, December 2017, Athens Greece
-Labyrinth - Malou Art Gallery, January 2018, Athens
-Ancient Greek Mythology and the Modern World -
Malou Art Gallery, April 2018, Athens Greece
-Travel to Ancient Greece - Malou Art Gallery, June
2018, Athens Greece
-Brush – painted thoughts - Malou Art Gallery,
September – October 2018, Athens Greece
-Art meets Food. Tradition and Innovation - Malou Art
Gallery, January 2019, Athens Greece
-The Sea, my everlasting love – Malou Art Gallery,
March 2019, Athens Greece
-Abriendo Fronteras en el Arte – Galeria de Arte Gaudi,
Collective Exhibition Kunstraum Gerdi Gutperle Gallery,
March – April 2021, Viernheim Germany
-Festiarte – III Festival International de Arte
Contemporaneo , July – August 2021, Galeria de Arte
Gaudi, Marbella Costa del Sol Spain
-Mare Nostrum – Colectiva de Arte Contemporaneo,
Galeria de Arte Gaudi, September 2021, Madrid Spain
Participation with ten paintings in the book:
" Sappho - a line in three sketches " by Ludmila
Hrinchenco-Efstathiadou, published by Malou Art
Gallery, April 2018, Athens Greece