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Awareness Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas cm 50 x 70
Autobiography Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas cm 50 x 70
Lightness Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas cm 50 x 60
Balance Acrylics on canvas cm 50 x 50
Elegance Mix media cm 50 x 50
Creativity Mix media diametro cm 60

About her Art

I have been practicing as a therapist in Rome for almost forty years, where I also conduct growth workshops on the themes of female inner suffering and experiential groups of mandalatherapy.I graduated at the age of twenty in Milan in Philosophy, then in Rome in Psychology, to later specialize as a Jungian psychoanalyst in Hilmanian archetypal psychology, as my books tell. I have developed a great interest in oriental philosophies, both for Tibetan dzogchen Buddhism and for Japanese Zen Buddhism, and I practice Tai chi as an inner discipline.I am a great traveler and I have visited the most extreme places in the world, which I tell about in my blog Travel, spirituality and wellness ®. I paint Mandala, which I also use as a clinical tool in therapies and groups.

Her Biography

I am a Rome-based self-taught artist and I have specialized in Mandala artworks for nearly 25 years.
Mandala are geometric figures equipped with a powerful symbolic charge: the circle that characterizes them is a form that gives order to the world, both internal and external. Being I also a practicing Jungian psychoanalyst, Mandala is the idea of a center of personality, to which everything is related, and that is a source of energy.
My artwork is like a journal of my soul; each image represents a specific time as I express my soul through acrylic colors and additional materials such as gold and silver dust, stones, tissues, pearls, Swarovski crystals and collage. I use different narrative symbols to serve as languages of the unconscious, connecting the emotional context of my artworks to the viewer. When I paint I find peace – an emotional moment similar to meditation. The unconscious speaks and I create what I planned yet with another unexpected level which takes even me by surprise. So whenever I paint a new picture, I clarify my mind and find peace in my heart.
My process begins with a specific emotion, which conjures a series of colors and symbols in an associative process that results in works that are at once complex and arresting. In addition to bold, dominant acrylic tones I often adds other materials to my geometric and floral paintings. Each piece resonates evocatively despite coming from a very personal, subconscious place. Indeed, that mysterious generative source adds power to each piece, forming a strikingly intimate and powerful link with the viewer. The canvases combine organic, figurative forms with geometric shapes and abstract patterns that evoke traditions as varied as Ottoman mosaics and Art Deco architecture. Digging through our collective unconscious, I find buried treasure.
The result has a great emotional effect on my audience.
I don’t travel only inside my soul because I really love to know different countries and cultures and I have travelled all over the world: Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mianmar, Singapore, China, Europe. So my paintings are a mixture of languages and symbols of different peoples and my artworks are a cultural melting pot.


The heterogeneous decorativism of Monica Morganti

The painter Monica Morganti give us endless fascination, moving through a significant aesthetic research and the mere Eastern symbolism .

In the labyrinth of the psyche the rational intuition lost itself because the author contaminates it with dream messages, games and geometric volture formal, creating hypnotic effects in the viewer of her artworks.

The symmetrical investigation points out with very compositional clearly its unique decorative painting, oriented to representative heterogeneity, studded with precious emblematics and refined gildings.

This trend has been identified with style in her works, with its contrasting colors, gold or red or in the transition from black to white, she reveals the secrets of Asian ethnic groups, causing them to reflect their actual distance, a whisper of hope for complete acceptance of otherness.

Sabrina Falzone
Critic and Art Historian

Solo exhibitions

Novembre 2014: Sala Margana – Roma

Maggio 2010: Sala Margana – Roma locandina |

Maggio 2007: Mandala la via del cuore – Roma

Maggio 2006: Mandala E… mozioni – Roma

Giugno 2004: Galleria Sala Uno – Roma

Group exhibitions

Marzo 2016: EGOS XI Group show 

Dicembre 2014: Gallery Plaumann – Milano

Maggio 2012: V Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea – Roma 

Ottobre 2011: I Mandala alla Triennale – Roma

Dicembre 2008: Le Alterità – Roma 

International exhibitions

Marzo 2015: Asia Contemporary Art Show – Hong Kong

Luglio 2013: Present Art Festival – Shangai 

Marzo 2013: Rassegna d’arte contemporanea “Egos IV edition” – Londra

Dicembre 2011: Odissey within. Agora Gallery – New York