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About his Art

Paul Yves Poumay was born on June 15, 1969 in Verviers, Belgium. His artistic taste was revealed in 1986 when he won the first prize in the photography competition organized by AGFA. His work was exhibited at the Museum of Photography in Charleroi.

After graduating from the school of Business Administration at the University of Liège, Belgium, he completed his course at the University of Santander in Spain. In 1994, he won the prize awarded by the Royal Association of licensees, doctors and Masters in economics, management and social Sciences of the University of Liège; Prize awarded to the most brilliant student of his promotion.

He will develop his financial career mainly in the worlds of banking and insurance, both in Belgium and in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

It was in 1995 that his spirit of creative economist was shared by the magazine "The Argus of Insurance in Paris" where he published the results of an econometric study which enabled him to create the "Belgian Insurance Barometer".

Passed about 25 years of artistic refoulement before a day of 2011 where unstoppable needs to express and create rebounded on his life.

A catalogue of sculptures was published in 2012.

He will publish various short essays on the society mainly in the belgian financial newspapers L’ECHO and in LA LIBRE BELGIQUE.

In 2017, he founded with friends the NPO AWI-art World Institute - where, through the universal Art-symbol gathering man in space and time, the collective will try to demonstrate that submission to financial industrialization, responsible for a Violent destruction of resources as of the exploitation of the weakest, represents a historical error that man must correct if he wishes to perpetuate a peaceful and balanced terrestrial evolution for all the living. The creation of the NPO AWI was followed by a publication of a white card in L’ECHO "art to redesign finance."

He created in 2018 his online art gallery

Free provocative, skinned alive, utopian, he manifests his indignation, linked to the power granted to the possession of money, by imposing his status as the most expensive contemporary artist in the world. He translates his questions by an offbeat expressionism, from the colorful to the darkest. It is an instinctive self-taught who, through art, defies the world of finance and challenges the foundations of our organizations. It provokes reactions by denouncing, in particular, the societal aberrations to which we are witnessing.

The world most expensive contemporary artist

Paul Yves Poumay is the creator of the sculpture, “the return of Don Quixote”, estimated at more than two billion euros. The profits generated by the sale of this work being solely for the sponsorship and basic research within the NPO AWI - www. AWI. Fund

His “belgitude” allows him some eccentricities including that of claiming the title of artist of contemporary art the most expensive in the world. Title that he claims in a peaceful and public way. He does not see any form of mental illness or arrogance on his part, but rather a process imbued with deep humility in relation to our humanity. Indeed, without any paradox with regard to this statement, he pleads, like many other people, for a financial deindustrialization of our society. He does not come from the nobility or a line of wealthy industrialists but he wants, thanks to his art, to act within the society by using a financial lever. For him, philanthropy should not be reserved only for those who are wealthy by nature or for other "successful businessmen" but for all those who want to work for the benefit of the common good. The ultimate goal of its existence is a firm desire to be able to improve the world in which we are currently living. He is one of those artists who would like to participate in the progress of humanity and he has absolutely no complex in relation to the price of his works. He does not make fun of anyone by doing so, and he has never intended to think of himself as better than anything else. He is just more expensive than the others, it is a strictly personal choice that does not imply any value judgment on his part. If you visit his site, you will find that the works are often accompanied by comments and explanations with proposals for donations for many noble causes or other commendable actions. He does not seek personal profit. To attest to this lack of profit but the need to have finance, he created in 2017 an ASBL "Art World Institute" (AWI),



1987-1993 Master’s degree in business Administration-Finance-University of Liège, Belgium

1991-1991 Erasmus-Marketing-University of Santander, Spain

2012-2014 Spa academy

2018-2019 Spa academy


1993 1st Prize awarded by the Royal Association of licensees, doctors and Masters in economics, management and social Sciences of the University of Liège (ALDLG); Prize awarded to the most brilliant student of his promotion. University of Liège, Belgium

1986 1st Prize Photography-Competition AGFA-GEVAERT-Museum of Photography-CHARLEROI, Belgium

Publications and press

2018 The "bank-system " - Brussels, Belgium

2018 The politic mothballs - Brussels, Belgium

2017 Art to rebase finance - Brussels, Belgium

2012 Price, value and immature society - Brussels, Belgium

2011 What if we stop bequeathing our property ? Brussels, Belgium

2011 For the creation of a world ethics committee - Brussels, Belgium

2011 Financial deindustrialization - Brussels, Belgium