A day in the life acrilico su tela cm 40 x 25
A day in the life acrilico su tela cm 40 x 25
A day in the life acrilico su tela cm 40 x 25
A day in the life acrilico su tela cm 40 x 25
A day in the life acrilico su tela cm 40 x 25
A day in the life acrilico su tela cm 40 x 25

About his Art


Seleman Kubwimana was born on the 1st of January 1995 in Rwanda’s Nyarugenge District of the Nyakabanda Sector in the city of Kigali. He is a Rwandan artist whose contemporary artwork is known for its beauty, emotion, color, and use of shapes.

His intricate technique consists of circles and patterns that represent the cycle of life and the vibrancy of African culture. Seleman sees art as a bridge to communicate the emotions of his subjects into the viewers eye.

He studied at Ecole d’art de Nyundo for three years from 2014-2016. It was there that he obtained his secondary school diploma in graphic arts. Seleman also has Advanced diploma in Information technology at the Integrated Polytechnic Regional College of Kigali.

When he is painting, Seleman is always highly engaged and inspired by his subjects which helps him to produce thoughtprovoking artworks using his unique techniques.

Seleman’s paintings inspire peace and love on the African continent and the purpose of his artwork is to promote Rwandan and African culture worldwide.


Art Critic

Since I have many contacts with artists from all over the world, including the African continent, I can safely assert that, in the panorama of contemporary African art, the figure of the artist SELEMAN KUBWIMANA stands out overwhelmingly

I encountered his pictorial production some time ago and I was dazzled and impressed both by the contents of his works and by the philosophy that emanated from them as if by magic.
Equipped with great painting technique SELEMAN KUBWIMANA
he has the great ability to transport us into his daily life using monochromatic backgrounds that apparently block our imagination, backgrounds where tiny figures stand out in a corner, almost miniatures, which depict his people.
People who work, toil, who move under a scorching sun.....
Perhaps we could compare his art to surrealism but I think it can be described better by framing it in magical hyperrealism.
This is the magic and greatness of this young artist from Rwanda and surely in the future we will be able to see the his works in the most important European art galleries.
Claudio Giulianelli president of MEGA ART GALLERY


2015-2017: Participated in various art exhibitions around Rwanda.

2019: Participant in a group exhibition, “Rwanda Retold” at Mocada

Museum in New York City.

2020: Featured on the leading international gallery of African

paintings, True African Art.

2021 participate in a group exhibition isi yacu by Komeza art in Kigali city

2023 showcase solo exbition Title a day in the life in Israel75 event at Marriott hotel Kigali

 New project statement

  ‘Selek Arts Collection' showcases the dignity behind the hands that feed us

In a world where glamour and fame often steal the spotlight, there’s an artist who has chosen to turn his attention to the unsung heroes of our society – the everyday people who do simple jobs that keep the wheels of our lives turning.

 Seleman Kubwimana  has embarked on a mission to showcase the dignity and importance of the hands that feed us through his remarkable artwork.

Selek’s latest series of paintings focuses on the supply chain for food, from the agricultural heartland of Musanze to the bustling city of Kigali. By highlighting the men and women who toil tirelessly to ensure food reaches our tables, he aims to elevate their role and remind us of their immense contributions.

When asked about his inspiration, Kubwimana speaks passionately, ” In Kigali, there is a process that we go through in order to get a finished product. Some people use boats to transport products from different islands. I wanted to bring attention to the often-overlooked laborers who are an integral part of the food supply chain,” he said.

 “Their work is essential and deserves recognition. Through my art, I hope to honor their dignity and shed light on the intricate processes that bring food from the provinces to our plates.”

Walking through the artist’s exhibition of his paintings that he titled ‘A day in the Life’, one is immediately struck by the vivid colors and the energy that emerges from his paintings. Each canvas tells a story, capturing the essence of a different profession within the food supply chain.

 The Title of a collection is (A Day In the Life)

 A Day in the Life is an exceptional art collection created by Selekarts, which captures and celebrates the daily lives of working-class Rwandans in a unique and distinctive style. The artist’s use of strong contrasts between light and dark, along with bold colors, evokes the richness of Rwandan culture and tradition.

 The collection depicts the daily routines of Rwandan workers, ranging from farmers to traders, artisans to laborers. Each artwork captures a specific moment in time, showcasing the energy and vibrancy of working-class life in Rwanda.

 The art collection is a testament to the singular vision of the artist, showcasing the power of art to capture the essence of a people’s way of life. It celebrates the creativity, dignity, and strength of the Rwandan people, inviting viewers to glimpse into their world and honor their contribution to society.

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