SVEN MÜLLER  - Germany

Contacts:   Website WWW.SVENM.ART   Phone+49 176 62092426

The boy glass, silver and acrylic colors cm 70 x 50
People of colors glass, and acrylic colors cm 70 x 50
Doors of perception glass, gold and acrylic colors cm 172 x 112
Vivien glass, silver and acrylic colors cm 70 x 50
Woman at the beach glass, silver and acrylic colors cm 70 x 50
People of color glass, and acrylic colors cm 70 x 50

About his Art
Glass, with its thousand years of history, has always been a special material. the creative possibilities seem to be unlimited and inspire artists and architects of the last centuries up to modern times to always new creations. glass as a material has always inspired me as an artist to try out new things, be it in painting or the field of large installations made of mirror glass. in the history of art, however, painting behind glass is not a novelty. but the combination of color, gold/silver leaf, and new painting techniques has enabled me to find a a completely different way of looking at things and to create a unique depth effect that goes beyond the previous techniques of reverse glass painting. in previous works, I have dealt with largescale abstractions that had the inner me or the female as a theme. in my space-taking installations, I thematize the Becoming and passing of the human being and the loss of the reality in times of social crises.


Managing Director Planning and implementation of art and cultural events. Management of a network, funding acquisition at The Hidden Art Project Nonprofit artists promotion. 

2002 Artist 2005 Empty Store Project Solo exhibition 

2018 New Experience Solo exhibition 

2020 Hema Project Group exhibition 

2020 Kunststatt Kommerz Group exhibition 

2021 Book Publication „Kunst statt Kommerz“ Herrausgeber The Hidden Art Project 

2021 City Museum Oldenburg „Distance“ Kolektiv exhibition 

2021 Book Publication „Distance“ Herrausgeber Stadt Museum Oldenburg 2021 Installation „Fragmentation of I“ Solo exhibition 

2022 Gallery Project Solo exhibition 

2023 Spazio Tolomeo Milano Group exhibition 

2023 Museo Colle del Duomo Viterbo Group exhibition