Bad advisers pastels on paper 64x50 cm,
The Judgement of Paris papermache and wood 29x15x10 cm
The Ghost, ink and coffee on paper 76x56 cm
The Leap, papermache and wood 31x31x10 cm
Joyride oil on paper 76x55 cm
How to forget oil on paper 55x35 cm

About her Art
I have been exhibiting internationally since 2009, my paintings and ceramics have been
awarded  internationally and been included in several international art books and publications.

In my works I want to tell stories that give a visual form for human virtues, feelings and vices. The paintings are created mostly on recycled canvases,vintage table clothes, that give surface structure and connect both the artist and the viewer to past generations.

“Anneli Di Francis, Finnish artist, combines in her works the unreality, visionaries and anxiety of the most classic Surrealism with the tendency to analyze and deeply explore the concept typical of Metaphysics, giving life to a fascinating style that on the one hand shakes the observer for her strong images of great emotional impact, but on the other hand induces him to meditate on himself, on the destiny that goes day after day building, and to open his mind considering possible scenarios that could be outlined in the future world.”

 Art historian, curator, Dr. Marta Lock



2023 Busan International Art Festival, Busan City hall gallery, South Korea (15-22.10.2023)

2023 3^Biennale Internazionale di Pescara, Aurum Sala Flaiano, Pescara, (14-20.10.2023)

2023 Katse, PTL summer exhibition, Taide Vionoja, Ullava, Finland, (19.6.-20.8.2023)

2023 Metamorphosis, Lacuna Festivals, Casa de la Cultura in Yaiza, Lanzarote, Spain (1.-29.7.2023)

2023 Earth@Ayamonte, Centro Cultural Casa Grande, Ayamonte, Spain (15.5.-15.6.2023)        

2023 Art Roma, Galleria La Pigna, Via della Pigna, Roma, Italy (21.4-5.5.2023)

2022 ArtBox.Project Venezia 1.0, Tana art space, Venice, Italy (1-31.5.2022)                                                                                                                                                                                             2022 Human is Right, Liceo Vito Scadifi, Torino, Italy (1.5.-30.5.2022)                                                                                      

2022 Poetry of your art, international art project, Monte do Malhao, Algarve, Portugal, (12.3.-12.4.2022)                                                                                                                        

2022 Eternal Tango of Astor Piazolla, Galleria KO-RA, Skopje, Makedonia (2.2. -22.2.2022)