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The Italian pyrotechnician Ink on Schoeller paper - 35 X 50 cm
To take care No 2 Graphite pencils on Schoeller paper - 50 X 35 cm
Eternal Battle Ink on Schoeller paper - 50 X 35 cm
Chrono(u)s and (another) Alchemist Mixed media. Charcoal, Graphite pencils, Acrylic metallic colors on Bristol paper - 70 X 100 cm
Queen of Hearts Graphite pencils and ink on paper - 40 X 30 cm
Chronos and Thanatos Mixed media. Oil on canvas and oil based color pencils on paper - 50 X 70 cm

About his Art 

He was born in Thessaloniki, on 11 - 11 - 1968.

He works as a physical therapist in a public rehabilitation center for the disabled but likes to paint. He is a self-taught painter. In high school, he was lucky to have a teacher, the beloved Nikos Paralis. He speaks French and English.

He automatically paints images that originate from the subconscious. Dozens of symbols and messages are hidden in his paintings. He belongs to the surrealists he admires. He is not afraid to exhibit his work, but not to be exposed. He doesn't want to provoke, and neither does he want to be provoked. Throughout his life, he has drawn red lines, the same in art. Painting is a kind of confession. It is a communication with the world, a deposit of the soul of the artist. In all his paintings he hides "a little piece of the soul".
He believes that everything stagnates, wears out, becomes sloppy, and dies. Everything that surrounds us and inside us is a harmonious and indivisible whole. We are immortal elements and parts of the universe. Nothing absurd or scary. Everything is simple and everything is in our nature, just like art. His paintings come from his inner will to find and improve himself, through his philosophical, rational, and metaphysical quests.

His goal is his continuous personal development.

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