Contacts: heladrt@gmail.com

Medicine crayons and pills cm 70 x 50
Fluctuations crayons on paper, craft, and plastics and metal cm 70 x 60
Santissima acrylics on canvas an jewels and perls cm 75 x 60
Vibration technics acrylics on canvas cm 70 x 50
Autoportrait acrylics on paper cm 70 x 60
Abyssinia acrylics and spray on paper cm 70 x 60

About her Art

Hela.Drt.Art is a young artist, based in Rennes city, Brittany, France.
She found into her complicated past her inspiration for her artworks into the caps #1
Indeed, Hela.Drt.Art has mental-healness, Schizophrenia, genetic disease and
However, she loved to express her fantasy sexuality with ropes plays into the caps #2
“KIMBAKU”, where bodies intertwined bound by shibari’s into a sensual mood, but never
At least, Hela.Drt.Art explore the limits of death and live into the caps #3 “DEATH OR NOT
TO BE”, in which she sends an homage to the dead persons that she has known or not.
Here we are the three steps which give the slogan : “Be Dark, Be Sexy, Be Crazy !”.