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Influenza 4 Mix media cm 22 x 20
Silhouette acrilico, filo ed olio su tela cm 80 x 60
Rebirth progetto di illustrazione per fabbrica
Influenza acrilico ed olio su tela cm 40 x 40
Spring in waning acrilico su tela cm 80 x 60
Love Acquarello, matita, nastri di seta cm 59,4 x 42

About her Art


崔舒婷,⼀个不间断的垃圾和噪⾳制作者,⼀个来⾃孤岛的⾏为艺术家,创作 从⼆维(古典绘画和插图)到三维(当代短⽚和雕塑)到四维(空间声⾳设计 和数字媒体)的艺术作品。她认为定义和批判什么被称之为是艺术是⽆⼒和残 忍的,艺术品存在意义的本⾝证明了它们是鲜活的。艺术创作对她来说更像是 ⼀种对于⽣命的救赎。

 Juice, a non-stop rubbish & noise producer, a performance artist from an isolated island, who created artwork from two dimensions ( classical paintings and illustration) to 3 dimensions (contemporary short films and sculptures) to 4 dimensions (Spatial sound design and digital medias). Her artwork emphasises on acoustic and dance improvisation, contemporary audio-visual arts , and a conflict between surrealism and idealism.