Imprisoned Sentries I
Sunrise on the Silk Road
The Creator in a Teapot
Surf's Up in Moonlight
Ho - Down

About his Art

Digital art by Keith Edwards is art at the intersection of the subconscious and the conscious.

Where seemingly unremarkable photos or everyday drawing subjects become an illuminating map of the artist's inner world that echoes the emotional energy of his personal stories and experience. Edwards emphasizes living the existential experience in his works of art. He believes creating his art is an act of “free will”, yet he believes that free will exists only as choices delivered to his conscious mind from the subconscious. It follows that his description of his artistic experience is in terms of combining artistic vision from his conscious and subconscious mind. “I make artistic choices based on feelings of harmony and dissonance generated from what I see and what I imagine on the canvas. Harmony and dissonance each require only two signals to exist just like two musical tones. For me one “tone” is conscious and instinctive and the other is subconscious. As I observe, change, or imagine aspects of the artwork, these tones change in response and deliver associated feelings of harmony and dissonance. I usually prefer harmony, but I often choose dissonance to enrich the artwork with more effect and contrast”. This is where all works of art become his living memoirs. Each digital stroke of the brush results from this internal source that the artist considers the birthplace of his art.

Edwards’ lifelong commitment to music can also be seen in the movement and dynamism of his

paintings. It is an endless exploration of the parallels between the conscious and the unconscious as if pixels were his emotions' memory cells and repositories. There is excellent coverage of the area, its depth, and perspective, which the artist believes might be attributable to visual perception honed from years working as a flight instructor and photography pilot. Multiple layers of pixels and vectors, altered, superimposed, stretched, compressed, and filled with colors and other elements make Edwards' work rich, vivid, and oil-painting like x-rays of his being.

Artistry training began at an early age in Keith’s mother Ingrid’s art studio. Here he was

introduced to working with everything from charcoal and pastels to oil painting to watercolors. He was taken to innumerable art galleries and exhibitions. Growing up he stretched and prepared canvases and cleaned brushes, transported, and hung paintings in exhibitions, attended the

exhibition then broke it down again. Keith was constantly surrounded by his mother’s artist friends and their work, as well as her students from the high school where she ran the art department. In school Keith studied pottery, oil painting and lapidary. About his new art career, he says "It was as if I hatched from the shell already formed stylistically as an artist. This has become increasingly apparent as I expand my art and branch out visually".


1.       Summer 2021 – University of Arizona Museum of Art Exhibit – The Italian Monk.                                                                                                                                  2.       Summer 2021 – The Raw Art Review - Winner Cover Art Contest Summer/Fall 2021 – Silk Road Boy on a Horse.

3.       Summer 2021 The Raw Art Review - Winner Back Cover Art Contest Summer/Fall 2021 – Elephants in a Sandstorm.

4.       August 2022 Van Deer Plas Gallery, NYC – Exhibited in “Flight on the Butterfly” Exhibition.

5.       Cover Art for new music release “Riu” by artist Michael Castaldo (250,000 plays).

6.       Sept. 2022 Van Deer Plas Gallery, NYC – Exhibited in “Penetrating the Surface” Exhibition.

7.       Sept. 2022Venice, Italy Exhibited in “Venice Art” Contemporary Art Exhibition.

8.       October 2022 Exhibited in Mega Art Arte Parma Fair.

9.       November 2022 Exhibited with Mega Art in International Art Fair, Istanbul Turkey.

10.   December 2022 Exhibited in “Lo Stato dell’ Art” Zanon Gallery, Rome Italy.