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7 Chakras Acrylic on wooden board, 30 cm diameter, 2021. €293
Kaleidoscope Acrylic on wooden board, 40 cm diameter, 2021. €435
Treasures of Amazonas Acrylic on canvas board, 20x20 cm, 2021. €235
Infinity Acrylic on wooden board, 30 cm diameter, 2021. €293
Mesmerize Acrylic on canvas board, 30x30 cm, 2020. €350
Yin Yang Acrylic on canvas board, 40x50 cm, 2021. €715


About her Art

MANDALAVISTA is a family art project. I started painting in 2020 June. As the pandemic got stronger and stronger at that time, the feeling that I would like to create something unique from nothing just got terribly important for me. My husband is the biggest supporter and inspiration for me and we do almost everything together.
I am also a graphic designer, I love colours and digital art but I wanted to be more flexible and create something tangible. By that time dot art just came across online and in short time I became well-known in social media. People started to follow me and admire my style of artwork. I have also invented some unique shapes and dot art techniques which I am currently teaching on different online workshops.
My favourite working surfaces are the canvas and wooden boards but I recently started to paint on mandala stones as well. My medium is mainly acrylic paint and I always put a glossy varnish to protect the surface of my artwork. Each of the mandalas is 100% hand-painted by me. All my artwork is uniquely inspired by a spiritual and meditative feeling which develops as I create each mandala from the center outwards.