N°1 Collezione: Into the water Mix media 34,2 x 26 x 13,7 in
Paradigma Collezione: Vuoto Pieno Mix media 35,4 × 37,8 in
Rilievi Collezione: Natura Informe Mix media diameter 32,6 in
N°4 Collezione: Into the water Mix media 38,2 × 39,4 × 32,3 in
Plutonium Collezione: Natura Informe Mix media diameter 32,6 in
Proiezione Collezione: Vuoto Pieno Mix media 32,7 × 37,4 in


I would define my art as harmonious, it momentarily balances my vision of my unbalanced essence.

I am a contemporary artist based in, wherever I am.

I studied at the Polytechnic of Turin at the Faculty of Architecture, then I completed my education at the Nad Academy in Interior Design.

I don’t truly know who I am, and I’ve spent all my entire life looking for myself.
I love to see the world, take new paths and discover new lands; traveling compliments the search for myself.

For example, my last experience in Thailand taught me traditional techniques of how to process Thai clay. In addition, I acquired skills to construct bamboo houses and the use of the welder to create artistic iron sculptures.

Traveling alone revealed mysterious and unforgettable emotions that led me, and always will, to discover people, cultures and the wonders of nature.

Everything is inspiration, everything is connection, everything is a work of art in its potential state. I don’t like the borders and the definitions: I’m not a painter, I’m not a sculptress, I’m nobody.



The direct contact with unknown realities, nature, different cultures, environments and the self-analysis is reflected in an artistic project that transforms those sensations and emotions into a glossy product. The materials and techniques used are different and reflect my adventurous and curious soul. It’s an elegy to the beauty we can find in the world.


As I don’t like the borders, my artworks express the same. I like the simplicity of the shapes; the artworks go beyond their boundaries, the canvas is no longer framed, but it is also free to be form and volume. It becomes something different.

The monumentality of the euclidean geometries with the disordered forms of moulded materials; order and disorder. Is the material itself that guides me into the artistic process.

Music is one of main sources of inspiration, this is why each artwork has is music.


L'art au temps du coronavirus - Geneva, 2020

Il sacro e il viaggio, Rodello 2020 - Rodello, 2020

Disperate Speranze, Ossimoro Art Gallery - Torino, 2020

Rebirthing, Paratissima Art Fair - Torino, 2020/2021

Come una barca nel bosco, Ossimoro Art Gallery - Torino, 2020



 "The material, the sign, the non-colour, as a return to the origin and the pure, raw form: this is the sculptural production of Sabrina Barrera. Like a primordial sculpture devoid of the perfect and defined forms, of that smoothing and finiteness, proper to the classical sculpture, to return to the basic expression. I could call it a pure exercise of light and shadow, like a dense material chiaroscuro. [... ] The great desire for experimentation characterizes the production of this artist, making her capable of creating works that are always different, linked in artistic series, capable of telling a story."

Delia Lacerenza

Art historian and curator