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Aquatic dance Acrilico, pigmenti, pietre e resina cm 61 x 50
Résonance Inchiostro e areosol su carta cm 60 x 50
Cœur de pachamama acrilico, conchiglia, sabbia e gesso su tela cm 60 x 80
Amour purifié acrilico, sabbia, aereosol e perle su tela cm 90 x 70
Abundancia Acrilico, conchiglia e resina su tela cm 100 x 80
Illuminated way Inchiostro e areosol su carta cm 50 x 60

Her Biography

Steffy is an energy artist, art therapist and author. She deploys her creations in paintings and sculptures.

The artist invites us on a journey through the vibrations and energies centered on Love. She is inspired by the energy of the moment, an immediate energetic creative breath and a channeled higher power. Her materials resonate with the intentions to be conveyed. The vibrations, shapes, textures and colors are based on techniques of thickness, movement and energy

Her "home made" technique of mixtures of pigments, sands, crystals, acrylic, aerosol, resin form an energetic broom. The spectator can live the experience as a reconnection to his soul, an inner care. His feelings shake up his understanding of the visible and the non-visible.

 Steffy's background is in art and communication. If we had to define her on what she is, we could simply answer: She IS!

She started with an A3 literary and plastic arts degree. Then, she became interested in communication studies and advertising actions. This knowledge allowed her to create, to make her creations visible.

Art and its creations have never ceased to pursue her ... A little tour in the fashion industry in London gave her wings by rubbing shoulders with clothing designers, then left to learn how to sell with an alternation between Negocia and a corporate film company. Art was constant in all its forms.

The creation was again invited in the world of the spectacle for children.

At this time Steffy created her company "Artmonie" to develop sensoriality with different audiences. The senses have been a driving force to the point of training caregivers in "senses in relational life".

The four-year trip to Mauritius brought back to life all types of creations, paintings, sculptures and writing with regular exhibitions. Art therapy came as an obvious way to join art and therapy in order to free people. Everything became entangled: art, writing and care. This adventure for the good of others continued with different techniques in energetics.

Art and energy now sail hand in hand for the good of all and define her particularity as an energy artist.

My instagram : steffy_artiste

 You can see three paintings in the Monat Gallery in Madrid :

 Here is a link to my portfolio :