Contatti: ekblomg@gmail.com

Autumn acrylics on paper cm 35 x 28
Play acrylics on canvas cm 36,8 x 36,8
Ode to the mother earth acrylics on canvas cm 120 x 80
Sirius acrylic on canvas cm 80 x 60


Sulla sua Arte
Åland Islands, Finland
I was born in 1949 and raised in Finland. After my studies I joined
the Finnish Foreign Service.
I have painted since my childhood. I was fascinated with the oil
colors and had even some exhibitions at school.
During my career I only painted for my own pleasure. I retired and
started again in 2003, but this time I wanted to do abstract paintings
in watercolor. I had very good teachers Raina Clemes and Isa
Hällström both accomplished artists on the Islands. I participated in
a series of lectures by Arne Isacsson, very reputable abstract
watercolor artist from Sweden. I had three solo exhibitions on the
In 2017 I switched to acrylic paints. I enjoy painting in acrylics. I
love to create compositions with strong colors. I had not yet
exhibited my paintings before I was invited to participate in Spazio
Tolomeo contemporary artists exhibition in Milano, January 2023.