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La sua Biografia

She was born and raised in Serres. She studied at the Pedagogical Department and worked as a teacher in private and public primary education.

Her artistic concerns began in her student years and later she attended painting seminars by experienced painters from Athens and Thessaloniki. In the early years she experimented with themes, colors and materials.

The development of her work is dominated by naturalistic elements and emphasizes the structure and composition of the shapes dictated by the

image. The elements of the subjects are realistic and detail dominates as a necessary element of its visual expression.

She works mainly with oils, having tried and used various materials and techniques, which reflect greater expressiveness in the respective subject and essentially impart alternation to the composition by varying them.

Her love for the landscape and the sea of ​​our country becomes the main inspiration for her creations. The sea paintings, given with passion, are a continuous search for a particular aesthetic and style, with expressiveness and dynamism in the colors.