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Butterfly Hands
Prisoner of the freedom
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Selfish portrait

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My name is Philippe RIBIERE. In 12th March 1977 I was born in Martinique with the Rubinstein-Taby Syndrome and abandoned in an orphanage. After these years, I was adopted by a french family...So years spent and I discovered the climbing sport to express my energy. Step after step, I became the first professional handicapped climber who promoted during 15 years the Paraclimbing category for the OlympicGames and I became the pioneer for other physically challenged persons. Between the sport, I practiced the photography to look forward the beauty I did not have on the time before my slovenian filmmaker made a movie called WILD ONE .
One day, in 2016, during a film festival, I met 2 photographers, Stephane Noël and Patrick Leclerc who convinced me to test the studio room.

Then this date, I focused my photography in the black and white portrait cause I feel more complicated with the lights composition, the faces expressions, the compositions to compare at the natural light. In plus, even do, there are professional therapist, I found out that women are more comfortable with me cause I know what is the difference view with my handicap position or costume.
This is how I practice my photography passion to combine the reality of life against the artificial one which I push a little bit harder with my treatment of black and white composure.".