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L étang secret olio su tela cm 170 x 170
Douceur exquise olio su tela cm 100 x 75
L'espérance olio su tela cm 51 x 75
L'éclat originel olio su tela cm 40 x 40
Premiers frissons olio su tela cm 91 x 61
Comme un secret olio su tela cm 60 x 45

Sulla sua Arte
Self-taught, drawing has always been part of her  
life.After a few evening classes taken at the CEGEP ofSte-Foy, she went on to make her own pictorials.

In 1980-81, she studied the old master’s techniques. She paints using her own tools which are made out of decanted oils and natural pigments and mostly uses oils, acrylics, pastels and pencils.
She has undertaken personal research of the different supports and foundation techniques and creates her sketches and final
work without any model.
She took sculpture classes in 1994.
She has been a professor of painting from 1979 to 1986.
She also did several exhibitions around Canada, France and U.S.A.
She won many official awards for her paintings . 


Oils, acrylic, pastel and pencil. 


2009,             Book « Art et Lumière » Anne Sigier edition

1994,             Book « Ginette Beaulieu » Anne Sigier edition  

Mostre collettive

2015             Yvon Desgagnés art gallery

2013             Carnaval de Québec, symposium

2010             Canne, France and Bruxelle, Belgique

2009             Perpignan, Béziers and St-Tropez, France

2008             Espace St Bernardin, Cannes, France

2007-06       Quebec city, Carnival Symposium

2007-06-05   Carroussel du Louvre, Paris

2005-04       Shawinigan Symposium

2002-01       Manoir Richelieu

1999            Quebec city, Carnival Symposium

1996             Baie-Comeau Symposium

1996-95       Shawinigan Symposium

1995-94       Quebec city Carnival Symposium

1995-94       Fine Arts Museum Gallery, Montreal

1981             Place Québec 

Mostre personali

2011             Webster Gallery, Calgary, Canada

1994             Quatre Saisons Art Gallery, Quebec

1992             Bernard Desroches Art Gallery, Montreal

1986             Ministère du Revenu, Quebec 

Attività professionali

2018             Jury menber, Société Artistique et Culturelle of Québec

2007             Artists presentation, Caroussel du Louvre, Paris

2002             Lecturer, Charlevoix

1997             Lecturer, Ste-Foy, Quebec

1996-81       Painting teacher, Lac Beauport

1980             Jury, drawing competition, Lac Beauport 


2013             People’s choice Award, Carnival Symposium of Quebec

2008             Associated member of Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris (SNBA)

2007            Honor Mention, Académie Mazarine, France

2007-06       People’s choice Award, Quebec city Carnival

2004             People’s choice Award, Mauricie Symposium

2001             Honor mention, Agathe of distinction, Artqui media, Amqui

2000             President of honor, Chateau-Richer

1999             President of honor, Baie-Comeau

1998-97       People’s choice Award, Mauricie Symposium

1997             President of honour, Mauricie Symposium

1995             People’s choice Award, Mauricie Symposium

1995             Quebec city Carnival’s poster was made out from one of her paintings


2017           Front cover, Revue Cap-aux-Diamants

2010           Front cover, Newspaper L’Autre Voix

2009           Newspaper Le Soleil, avril

2009           One hour report, Curriculum Vitae program, Radio Galilée

2007           Newspaper Media-Matin, December, Quebec

2007           Newspaper l’Autre Voix, November

2006           SunSite Art et Culture, November, France

2006           Newspaper Le Journal de Québec, December

2001           Radio-Canada reportage, november

2001           Newspaper Le Soleil, november

1995           Magazine Art, september

1995           Television Quatre-Saisons, february

1994           TVA network, february

1994            Newspaper Le Soleil, april

1988           Summum Revue 


2005-1996   Scholastic edition

1998           Arion and other outsider publishing houses

1997           VLB

1995           Pierre Tisseyre 


Quebec city Carnival

Armand Bombardier inc

Power Corporation

Federarion des Caisses Populaires Desjardins

Celine Dion

and many others 

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